Wednesday, July 16, 2008

making progress

I did it! I finished the backing for my Four Patch Ladder quilt. I pieced it using 10.5 inch squares all from my stash. That helped me used up almost 6 yards if I figured right. I am trying to use just fabric from my stash and make up enough quilts to give my brothers and sisters for Christmas presents. That means I will need to make a total of SIX quilts. So with the Four Patch sent off yesterday to be quilted, that means I have just FIVE to go in SIX months. Think I can do it?
I have been trying to follow the Flylady program a bit to help remove the clutter from my house. I have made great progress with this and this week I am working in my DS room. I have just about everything out of the room and I am painting it now. He picked grey and blue. Lower part will be medium blue and upper will be a light grey. I have a cool sports themed border I got and both colors are in the border so it will look great. He will be so happy to have his room done. DD had her room repainted for her birthday earlier this year and he asked "when is my room getting done?"
So will keep you updated on the decluttering progress and room redo progress as well as the quilts on my UFO list too.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

getting started ....

I have been looking at several blogs that my friends have and find them so inspiring that I wanted to try this myself to see if I can inspire someone and myself a bit too. I will be posting about my life as a mother of two wonderful kiddos and a peek at my quilting trials and projects and whatever else I might want to include too.

I chose the name of my blog 'cause I am learning to use what life has given me and pick up the pieces and move on. I also use bits and pieces to create my scrappy quilts which I love to make. Around here nothing goes to waste as you will come to see.