Tuesday, December 30, 2008

finally back at it ...

whew ...... the last of my Christmas company has left and now the rest of my days off until the 5th will be spent cleaning, sorting, organizing and sewing.
We had a great Christmas and enjoyed lots of family time. At some time or another all my brothers and sisters and their families were all together and that means a house full but I love every minute of all the craziness. I am blessed with a large family and wouldn't know what to do without them. Below is a picture of my parents with most of their grandkids and their two great grandkids. There were four grandkids not in the picture.
The kids had fun opening their gifts Christmas morning with me and spent Christmas Eve with their dad and his family. I'm learning how to share these special times.

Here is the string quilt all complete! I did the binding on the morning of the 27th and gave it to my brother. Didn't the quilting turn out so nice!!
I had to work this morning but got off early and did a little shopping for have toos and now I have to get myself into gear and get some stuff done here at home. I'll take some pictures of my organizing stuff when I have it all in place. Slowly but surely I will get it all into place.
I still need to find a way to keep up with how much fabric I use for 2009. I use alot of scraps and pieces so I will just have to guess I suppose. I don't want to buy anything fabric wise in 2009. That is my plan and I hope to stick to it. I also plan on posting my goals for 2009 and finding ways to get them all into place too.
I have found that I am so blessed to have my large crazy family to be with and share the holidays. I am so thankful for the time I have with them and the memories we share and make too. I am so thankful for my job, I am reminded yesterday how wonderful it is to have a job. I helped a friend of mine sort through items to give away and keep as she prepares to move from her house. She has been outta work since February and has lost her house. I know I am so blessed to still have my house, all the things inside it, my wonderful family, my car and my job. May 2009 be the year of good positive changes for us all.
until next time.

Monday, December 22, 2008

BowTie quilt is done!!!

I got this in the mail today and couldn't wait to get the binding on it to show it off. Don't ya just love a scrappy quilt? Tirane did a wonderful job on the quilting as usual. (thanks a bunch!)
So I lack two quilts for Christmas gifts now. One is at Tirane's being quilted and the other one is in the works see other post for today. I am behind but they will still enjoy them.
I have had and still have strep and a head cold. I was feeling better but tonight I am all used up. I think I might have over-did-it today with the shopping, baking, cleaning and sewing but it had to be done. Now off I go to watch some TV and wait for my company to come in .. they are due in any minute. They called this morning and told me they were coming and it is a lovely surprise.
thoughts and blessings ... so thankful for feeling better this morning so I could get what I have done. So thankful for a wonderful boss who allowed me ot stay home today. So blessed to have the large wonderful family that I do who are always a welcome in my home. Christmas Day is at my house! I love having people over.
until next time ...

last quilt for Christmas gift

Here is the last of the quilts I need to complete for Christmas gifts for my brothers and sisters. I need to enlarge it a bit - it is now just 44 inches square. I plan on adding to it to make it larger but have no clue how to do so. I am putting out a plea for input please.
Other news ... I feel so much better today. I am almost 100% and am so glad. My boss called and I don't have to work today so I plan on doing some extra cleaning today, to find a new stove (I know good time for it to go out -huh?) and sewing on this quilt. Tonight if I have my new stove we will bake some Christmas cookies and watching Christmas movies. The kids are still sleeping so I have gotten several things done already this morning. I like having this extra day off to catch up.
Update ... I got my new STOVE - I have been baking up a storm too ... one batch of sugar cookies are cooling waiting to be decorated, one batch of Hello Dollies are cooling, and one Chocolate birthday cake is in the frig waiting for little man's birthday tomorrow and he has no idea I made it. We finished up the the kids' dirty santa shopping. Got to get those wrapped up and under the tree. I didn't sew on the quilt above but I did get the binding done on the BowTie quilt I got in the mail today from Tirane! WOOHOO!!! I love it. Now to calm it down and watch some TV or a movie with the kiddos while we wait on our company to arrive.
{Thanks Babs for the input. Tirane also sent me ideas. I just haven't had the time to work on it and she is coming in tonight so I had to put it away so it will still be a surprise. I'll pull it out again after she leaves Christmas Eve.}
until next time ...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Scrappy String Quilt

Another one is complete!! I finished piecing the backing for this one before work this morning and it is in the mail to Tirane to be quilted! This is my scrappy string quilt made from 6.5 inch blocks pieced on a foundation block. I love it and hope one of my brothers and sisters will too as it will be a gift for one of them.

I have one more to piece and then three to bind by Christmas - ish. I am running late with these a bit I know but .... remember me saying I felt like I was getting sick ... well ... I did get sick. In fact me and the kiddos all had strep throat and they have gotten better faster than me. Mine seems to be hangin on for dear life. I am sick of being sick and taking all the medicine I have to to feel okay to work. I have just a couple days left at work before we are off for the Christmas holidays so I am trying not to miss work. I did miss last Friday though .. that was the major start of this stuff and the day we all went to the doctor. I am so looking forward to being off and having some down time and catch up time. I have lots I want to do while I am off and I need some rest.
I have some Christmas shopping done but nowhere near all of it done. I will finish the rest of that up and wrap the presents this weekend while the kiddos are with their dad. I haven't baked one thing which is not like me. Christmas is my holiday and I love it and look forward to it every year but this year I have not felt up to it. With lossing me dear friend and my mother in-law both in November and all the stuff with my ex and me being sick this last week I have not done much in the way of getting ready for Christmas. I haven't even called my family to plan the meal for Christmas day. I tell ya ... time gets away from ya quickly. So lots to do this weekend and lots to plan too. I think I need to start a reminder list to myself so I can remember what all I need to do and buy and who to call and such.
The kids had their Awana Christmas party last night at the skating rink and they had a blast. It was such fun for them. I failed to bring my camera so no pictures of that to share. I need to try and remember to bring my camera to outting like that more often. I miss so many photo ops!
Here are some of the kiddos attempts at the Christmas card picture ... the first one is how they are part of the time and the others are how they are the rest .. don't want to mislead anyone into thinking I have two little angels here ... I think all and all they turned out nicely and I got copies and put them in the Christmas cards that I finally mailed yesterday.

thoughts and blessing ... I am learning how to let it be and let it go and it is not easy to say the least. I am trying to learn to turn things over to God and let him handle my troubles and struggles. Haven't mastered either of these things yet but I am working on it.
I am so thankful that the kids are feeling so much better. With us all sick we were all cranky and life was not fun for us this week. I am so thankful that the temps are rising around here and it is not so cold ... means less gas to heat the house .. which saves me money. I am so blessed to have wonderful parents ... they are simple folks and have a giving heart even though they have less than most. My mother called me at work on Monday and told me to come and get a bag of pecans they had to share with me. I go over yesterday (as I have been sick and didn't want to give it to them) and there was a half of a brown grocery bag full of lovely pecans. Now to get them shelled and into the freezer for baking. YEAH!! Another money saver. I am so blessed to have my dear friends who listen to my struggles and offer their advice and never give up on me even when I want to give up on myself.
didn't mean to write so much ... guess I am making up for the days I was sick and not able to post.
until next time ....

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

BowTie Quilt is in the mail

today I have the blahs ... I feel bad like I am coming down with something. I can't get sick! I don't have the time to get sick. (have you seen that commerical where the lady is in the Drs office where she is told she has the flu and she looks through her date book and finally says that she doesn't have time for the flu right now - too funny)
I took some time last night and added those final small borders on the BowTie quilt and got it all packaged up to mail out to
to be quilted. I still have two more to complete plus this one by Christmas. Better find more time to sew. I swear .... next year I am only working on my UFOs, BOBs and things I want to make for myself. (does that sound greedy of me?)
The strips and strings are still sitting on my sewing table waiting to be used up. That pile seems to be taunting me as I walk past it ... saying ... aren't ya gonna sit and sew awhile?? ;o) Hope to fit in some time tonight after church to sew with those. We will see though.
I am so thankful for my job, so many are being laid off, let go or places closing altogether around here it is really sad. I am so thankful for the rain that came last night, it cleaned the air and everything is so fresh again. I am so thankful that I have the funds to buy the kids a nice Christmas this year.
until next time ....

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas is coming

and I am no where near ready. It is just a day over two weeks and I have lots still to do and to buy. Where does the time go?? I have bought a few gifts over the last two weeks and have to wrap those. Little man's B-day is the 23rd so I need to buy and plan for that day too. So much to do ... so little to time.
Gonna have to start finding extra time to work on the quilty items each night. I have three quilts to complete - hope I can get them all done if not I am not going to worry about it they will just be late Christmas gifts. I will just have to prioritize in order to get what I can done with the time I have left. So .... that might mean no extra time cleaning the house .... sewing comes first right??
Here is it early December and we are having thunderstorms and temps in the 60s. Go figure! Last week it was in the teens at night and 40s for the highs. No wonder we have all had colds around here.
until next time ...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Quiltathon - Day 2

even with getting a late start on this with some Christmas shopping time thrown in ... I have made some progress today. This is day two of the QUILTATHON
I got the backing pieced for the BowTie quilt. Pl;ease ignore the strings that are still showing the the picture. I wanted to get this picture taken to share with ya'll.
I got this kitty box bedding made. Our kitty Smokey is an outside cat and he needed some new bedding for the winter. I stuff this with the trimmings I keep from cutting squares from my fabric. When I get enough I make a new one for him. It's not fancy but it's comfy for him.
I am going to play with these strips and strings and make some more string blocks to hopefully finish another UFO for a Christmas gift. I'll update when I can with how many I get done.
last photo and entry for this quiltathon ... almost time for bed and the kids are now home. Here are fifteen string blocks to add to my collection. Lots more to make to finish the UFO but at least I made some more progress on it. Can't tell I even used any of the strips and strings from the pile. Plan on leaving those out and work on them each day until I get this one done.

until next time ....

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Quiltathon now in progress!!!!

here we go .... this is where I will be posting and updating my progress during the quiltathon ... I'll post photos along the way too. QUILTATHON

5:27AM First cup of coffeee is in my hand and I am off ....

6:50AM half of cup of coffee later ... this one is done!!! I used up some of the extra pieces of a FQ someone sent for a Secret Santa swap -- this is the second project I made the lady. Hope she likes it. Have one more idea to finish her fabric bits.

8:30AM taking a break and got myself dressed now that the sun is finally up. Been sewing away on my BowTie quilt. Making some serious progress and hope to have this one done by lunch. Gonna go grab some breakfast and get back to my machine.

1:28PM taking a break and fixing myself some lunch. Got several more blocks made and added to the BowTie quilt. Now for the borders. Gonna check the net and get back at it.

6:39PM After several detours I am back on track and have made some more progress on my BowTie quilt. I have the first border attached and the outter borders pieced. I am going to eat some supper and get that done and work on those two blocks I owe swapper before tackling the backing.

7:55PM BowTie top is now done!!! I am so happy!!! Now to get a backing pieced so I can get this off to Tirane on Monday. (man I should've re-ironed this before I took the picture)

9:32PM the two Birthday blocks are done - one wanted purple and cream and the other Fall colors and cream (doesn't the green plaid remind you of a flannel shirt?) now onto cutting squares for that backing.

11:02PM Last post of the night - I am beat! I got the 90 - 10.5 inch squares all cut and pressed. They are waiting for me to sew them together in the morning. Amazing with all those I cut you can't tell I took anything from my stash. Wonder if it restocks itself for us? :o)

Thoughts and blessing for the day ... I am so thankful for Judy who thought up the quiltathon - very motivating idea! I am so thankful for this day of sewing and the progress I have been able to make with my UFOs, my swap blocks and the non-quilty things I did like the yardwork and the housework. I am so thankful for the nicer weather we had today - the sunshine was a welcome sight and the slightly warmer temps allowed me to work in the yard like I needed to without freezing my tail off :o)
until then ...

Friday, December 5, 2008

getting inspired

I don't know if it is that the end of the year is coming and I am wanting to get things in order to start off fresh for the New Year or what. I have a getting organized bug in me that I am going to let thrive and do it's thing.
I so want to be able to sort all my stash and scraps so I can just go in and sew instead of having to hunt for what to use. I have lots of ideas and have put some into place already. Like I use shoe boxes to store my BOBs and larger UFOs now - I label the front of each box so I can see at a glance what is inside each box. These are stored on top of my stash cabinet. I want to work on/ finish one BOB or UFO before starting another project. If while sorting through my BOBs and UFOs I find one I will never put together then it will be swapped or given away. No sense in holding onto it forever if someone else will complete it.

I store my cut squares in this little drawer unit. I need to label the drawers though so I can glance and see what size is in which drawer. I want to cut my scraps into squares and strips instead of storing them in these tubs until I need some for a project like in the second picture.

I have my books and printed patterns on this shelf. (not alot I know but they are all I have) I have the printed patterns in the two blue binders. I will try not to print another pattern without trying one from those I have already printed first.

I would love to have all my fabrics pressed and folded and put into basket like I have done here in this cabinet but I haven't had the time to do so yet. I will be doing this a bit at a time. Right now some fabric is being stored in the bottom of my closet in file boxes. I lucked up and found a lady moving and bought these boxes of fabric for $12 each!! They are packed full. See why I need to join the no-buy challenge? I know my stash is nothing compared to some I have seen but it is enough for me.

Do you have favorite organizing tips that you can share with me on how to get a control on my chaos of a stash? {I looked up that word in the dictionary and it totally fits -- chaos --- a: a state of utter confusion b: a confused mass or mixture}

Today's thoughts and blessings ....
I am so blessed to have my job that helps me pay my bills - for some have no jobs at all. I am so blessed to be able to be with my kids and watch them growing up so fast. I am so blessed for the hugs/kisses that I get from my kids and the "goodnight Mom - I love you" I hear each night before we drift off to sleep. It makes me feel so warm inside and makes my heart grow two sizes (just like that of the Grinch). I am so blessed to have the stash I have even in it's state of chaos. I am so blessed to have the knowledge to make the quilts I do and share that gift with others in the form of quilts.
until next time ....

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Quiltathon this weekend

I missed the last quiltathon at PATCHWORK TIMES but I am joining this last one of 2008. I have lots to sew before Christmas and need that push to do so. I will post my before and after pictures later on. I hope to complete two quilt tops and backings this weekend. Planning Major sewing time with little else squeezed in there.

I have three main goals and two are rather large but I hope I can do them all ...
1. Bow Tie Quilt - need more blocks and get this top completed - piece backing
2 String Quilt - need more blocks and get this top together - piece backing
3. Make two Birthday blocks for a swap I am in to complete that one for the year

Monday, December 1, 2008

stash bustin 2009 challenge

I am still thinking of joining the stash bustin challenge on PATCHWORK TIMES STASH BUSTIN CHALLENGE site along with the others that have joined I want to reduce my stash and not buy unless it is necessary. I don't have a problem using from my stash as I did that this year. I won't have the major goals the other quilters will as I don't have that large of stash at least I don't think so anyways :o)

My goals would be ...
  • to REDUCE my scrap bins in half - I think I have four now
  • to USE UP those 2.5 inch strips I have cut
  • to COMPLETE half of the UFOs/ BOBs I have on hand - I think I have 10-15 that come to mind
  • to NOT buy unless it is absolutely necessary to complete a project
  • to CONTINUE to piece the backings of my quilts to use up those uglies and what was I thinking fabrics
  • to NOT print another pattern from the internet without using at least two that I have already printed. I have binders of patterns that I have not even made yet.
  • to SORT through and organize my stash so I can find what I need
  • to NOT join a swap that requires me to buy fabric
  • to ONLY join swaps that help me complete a UFO/BOB or allows me to use from my stash. {I love to swap and don't want to give that up just yet :o) }
  • to COMPLETE one UFOs/BOBs before starting a new project (kinda like a reward system)

I hope this is what they had in mind for us to post to join that challenge. If not someone let me know and I will change that pronto!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

sewing on Sunday

Last day of the long weekend and I finally have some free time today to sew -- I'm gonna take advantage of the quiet house (the kiddos went to do a late Thanksgiving supper with their dad) and get some work done on the Betty Boop Quilt and sew on a couple other projects.
I have the string blocks sewn into sets of four now and they are laying on the floor of my living room for me to admire for awhile. These squares each measure 6.5 inches and go together quickly so I am hoping to make more blocks over the coming weekend and finish this off.

I have the fabric all cut for the setting squares of the Betty Boop quilt. Gonna go sew on that one for awhile now. Update ... I got the center of this one together and the first border attached before the kids got home. I have the fabric cut for the middle border and hope to do attach that soon. I want this one done and outta here. I haven't taken a picture yet so that will come later. Thanks so much for your help Tirane in the layout of this one!!
I was sitting in church this morning with one kiddo on either side with their little heads laying against me and I thought to myself how blessed I am to have them. I love them so much. I am so thankful for my kids and the times we have together and the hugs that we share. I am so thankful for the holidays that bring our families closer together - seems like over the holidays we are able to spend more down time reconnecting to one another. I am so thankful for the food in my pantry that I was able to put up this past summer and we are now able to enjoy - we ate green beans, peas and squash for Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for my sewing time - I use it to destress and it is my outlet - even if it is not every day - I look forward to it and enjoy it.

until next time ....

Sunday, November 23, 2008

a Christmas Runner done ...

I made this Christmas table runner this morning. I had to complete this last project to complete an online swap and now I can really focus on getting the rest of those quilts done up for my brothers and sisters.

Only now I have to find a way to squeeze in another quilt that I was volunteered to make a couple years ago and I have been putting on the back burner. It is so not me and I am having a hard time working on it. I was to make a lap quilt and then they decided to enlarge it after talking to the person who is to receive the quilt and she wants a queen size. Now to figure out how to do this. I will post updates as I get this one further along. If you have suggestions please let me know. I have only nine of these 12 inch blocks made so far. Lots more work needed to complete this one.
Will add more here later on today ...
until next time ......

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Jacob's Ladder quilt is completed

Oh my - the mailman made my day I can tell ya!! He brought me a package and in it was this wonderful quilt (my scrappy Jacob's Ladder Quilt) my friend Tirane quilted for me ... isn't it lovely. She did a fabulous job on the quilting. I am so happy with it.
Update .... The binding is now completed and I can mark this one as completed!!!

I have been pulling fabrics today to cut some charms for a swap I am doing and while cutting charms I decided to go ahead and cut 10.5 inch squares to piece the backing for my scrappy sampler I am working on. I think I have enough cut to piece the backing. Need to be in there sewing instead of playing on the computer but I needed a break. I plan on sewing some more tonight and finishing up the sampler over the weekend and hopefully the binding on the Jacob's Ladder quilt too. Am I ambitious or what??
I have been cleaning up my sewing area today to get ready for my company that is coming on Wednesday. This means to clean up and put everything away that is normally sitting on the breakfast room table and under the table and on the bar to the left of it. I have claimed this area as my sewing area. While cleaning it has come to my attention that I am totally addicted to scraps (as if you didn't know). I found lots of great scrap pieces to add to a scrap box to make blocks later. I also found lots of pieced blocks I totally forgot I had made. I took advantage of the cleaning mode and put all the made blocks along with the fabric I had been using into large baggies with directions if I had them. I have found enough BOBs and UFOs to keep me sewing throughout all next year - even without starting another project. Which you know will happen. I have quilter's ADHD - I can't stay focused on one project for long if I see something else I'd like to try then I wander off and start that one. I know I have got to work on this. My plan for 2009 will be to work on my BOBs and UFOs before starting another project. Let's see if I can stick to this.

I am so thankful for my quilty friends who inspire me when I need a kick in the tail! I am so thankful for all the fabric I have been playing with today. I have enough fabric in my stash to make several more scrappy quilts. I am so thankful for Saturday's to play catchup and some downtime. I am so thankful for my Father in-law who is so supportive and encouraging even with the loss of his dear loved one.

until next time.

Friday, November 21, 2008

making progress ...

Wanted to start with a smaller project to try and get back into the groove of things. Here is a tablerunner made for a swap mate for a Secret Santa swap on a quilting site I am part of. She sent me the snowman FQ and I added the rest. I am beginning to think of myself as just a piecer and not a quilter. I didn't do a wonderful job with the simple quilting on this runner. I had a couple bunches in the back even though I pinned the fire outta it. I am still learning I guess.
I have some fabric left over and am thinking of making her a hot pad. Still thinking on it though ...

Here are a bunch of scrappy blocks I am going to assembled into my next scrappy top for one of my brothers and sisters for a Christmas present. I will update my progress as I can. I have collected these blocks from a couple of online swaps and several that I made myself. I like the idea behind using all these blocks - no two are alike. Should turn out neat. I am going to work on adding sashing and cornerstones to the blocks tonight. Might have this one ready to ship to Tirane on Monday??? I do hope so. Gonna try and piece another stash bustin scrappy backing for this one too.
I am so thankful for Fridays!! Not only is it the last work day it is the beginning of some much needed down time. I am so thankful for my nice warm house. It has been very chilly here this week and the weekend proves to be cool too. I am so thankful for the love I have had in my life. I know the best is yet to come but I wouldn't have my two kids without the last love of my life and they are my world. So for everything that happens to us in life there is a plus. I have got to work on remembering that. ;o)
until next time .....

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

might join the stash bustin challenge for 2009

Life has been very rocky this last year and I am hoping that things will start to improve and I can get myself motivated again soon. I just have the blahs and feel just numb inside.
As some of ya'll know, I have been doing stash bustin this year but saw this post on another friend's blog about joining the 2009 stash bustin challenge with Judy with Patchwork Times I love scrappy quilts as you can tell and have been trying several patterns to use up some of my stash this year. I don't think I can be as motivated as Babs and finish 24 quilts in 2009 but I do want to think about having goals to complete several more UFOs and work on downsizing my scrap bins and continue making scrappy quilts. I will be working on a new list of goals to try and complete for 2009.
Does anyone know of a tracker-counter type thingy that will help me keep up with the amount of fabric I use per project?? I want to see what I use per project and to date. Think it would be neat to have a tracker-counter to see what damage I can do to my stash in 2009. :o)
Want to try something new at the end of my posts ... a dear family member suggested I try noting my blessings each day to help me get through everything that life is dealing me. So here goes nothing ... I am so thankful for the wonderful families that I am so proud and blessed to be a part of. I am thankful for being the mother of two wonderful loving kiddos. I am thankful for the wonderful and amazingly supportive friends to help me along with life's struggles. I am so thankful for the Fall weather we are having and the beauty of the changing scenery that goes with it.

until next time ....

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Scrappy Tennessee Block Quilt Done

November has not been a good month for us. It has been a sad one to say the least. We lost my dear mother in-law early Thursday morning. She was a dear sweet lady. She will be missed. With my situation being as it is ... I have to wait until he is not there to be with the rest of the family. It has been really hard to stay away when I want to be there. But ... I can't change this so I am staying busy here when I can't be there. The services are tonight with the funeral Sunday afternoon.
I took some of this time and finished the binding on my Tennessee Block Quilt. I wanted to do something simple to not mess up. I used the backing, which was a sheet and pulled it forward to do the binding. Not alot of thinking for that so I was able to complete this one today and wanted to try and post something since I was told it has been too long since I've done so. ;o)
Here is the picture - Tirane - a dear friend of mine did the lovely quilting on it. Ya'll need to let her do your quilting - she is amazingly talented lady!

so until next time ... now please go hug your family and tell them how much you love them ... as we are not promised tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Some Fall Color

Just sharing some pretty pictures of the Fall colors around us here. The one with the lake is right across the road from my house - that is the view I see when I leave each morning.

I'm gonna keep rolling right along ...

I am feeling a bit sappy today so forgive me. I lost a old friend of mine over the weekend and am having a hard time accepting it is real. He was there for me alot and will be missed that is for sure. Amazing how losing a friend makes you take a look at your life and what is really important. Make sure you give your kids/family an extra squeeze tonight and tell them how much you love them. I was up really early this morning since I couldn't sleep with everything on my mind. I had cut 42 --15 inch squares from fabric I pulled from my stash in an effort not to buy any new fabric. I pulled out the squares I had cut to make the backing of my scrappy Jacobs Ladder quilt. I got them all sewn together and will be shipping this top and backing to my quilter today all things willing. Feels good to have another UFO closer to being done and to use up another 5.5 yards of fabric strictly from my stash. I need to start keeping up with how much fabric I use on each project ... hmmm .... how to do that ???

While I was in my sewing area this morning, I looked around and realized just how messy it has become. I am terrible about pulling fabric and stacking it here and there after I cut it for a project. Now I have all these piles and pieces and patterns all over the place. I should be ashamed of myself for letting it get so messy but what is it they say about a messy house ??? lol
One goal for this week will be to slowly clean up this area and get ready for the next quilt that I need to work on for my Christmas gifts. Another is that I also have to sort through the kids' clothes for the upcoming yard sale. I will be so happy after I get those outta their closets/rooms they will have neater rooms and will be able to find what really fits them. Amazing how much the kiddos grow in a season. Another is to take more time for me. Since my divorce I have not taken any time for me to deal with everything that has happened and then more things are being piled on my plate as the days pass. I need to find some down time each evening to journal or read or study the Bible. Gotta learn how to destress at the end of each day.

until next time ....

Friday, October 31, 2008


It's today!! Halloween is today!! We've been working up to this day all week. DD finished carving her pumpkin last night and we have them on display on top of our TV. I'll post pictures this weekend. Tonight we are going to do the Trick-Or-Treating thing and then come home and watch movies til we fall asleep. Gonna have lots of fun. Will fill ya in later on all that happens.

I have a couple of goals for this weekend. One is to get the Jacobs Ladder scrap quilt together and piece the backing from my stash. What a great way to reduce your stash of those 'uglies' and 'those what was I thinking' fabrics. Will post pictures of the top soon. Need to work on some other blocks too to help complete another UFO. I have so much still to complete by Christmas for gifts. I had better kick it into gear.
Another goal I have to complete is go through DS's closet and find clothes he can wear. I have a pile in front of his closet where I have them pulled out and if you can wear them they are being put on hangers and the rest into boxes for the yard sale I am planning soon. DD will do her own closet as she has her own style and I don't know what she will wear and won't.
Another goal is to clean off the counter in the bathroom. I noticed this morning I have too much stuff on that counter and I need to thin it down and toss the old stuff I don't use. Anyone else have this problem?? buy a lotion, perfume and thing of makeup try it once or twice and never use it again? That will be my organizing goal for the weekend then, my bathroom counter.

until next time ....

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fall is in the air here ...

The weather has really changed the last couple of days. It is downright chilly here. Just the perfect weather for Halloween, scenic drives, bon-fires and so much more. Tonight after the Candy Extravaganza at church, we are going to be craving our pumpkins, the kids are so excited and they picked out candles last night to put in them. Tomorrow will be trunk or treating and Friday will be Halloween. They are going to have a fun filled week and by the weekend we will need some down time that is for sure. Planning on a bon-fire and hotdog/marshmellow roast to end the fun.
This past weekend I got several thing done but not all of my goals were completed. I did get a UFO done but not one from my list. I finish this Fall tablerunner from some applique blocks I made some time back. It's just right to set off my dining room table and get it ready for Fall. It is my first real attempt to machine applique. I have alot to learn that is for sure.

I got to work some on my Jacobs Ladder scrap quilt and have several rows together and the blocks ready to finish the rest of the piecing this weekend.

until next time ....

Thursday, October 23, 2008

posting pictures ....

I have figured out how to post pictures now!!! One fancy thing at a time for me with all this bloggin stuff. I added some pictures last night and although it took some time to get them where I wanted. I think I have it down pat. I will slowly be adding pictures of what I am working on and what I have done and throw in lots of pictures of my kiddos and how life is coming along.
Fall is definitely in the air here. The temps are dropping and the sky is overcast today so it's chilly here. The leaves are starting to change their colors now so we are in for some pretty scenery in the near future. I love Fall! Halloween is just around the corner and the kids got their costumes last night so they are ready to have some fun. I'll try and post pictures of the kiddos in them on Halloween. We have the pumpkins ready to carve and get the house all ready for Halloween. I know I am behind but I am getting there.
until next time ....

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bloggin ...

I want to thank my dear friend for helping me add the label cloud - thanks tirane!!! You are the best!! I will slowly get the hang of all this fancy stuff that goes along with bloggin. This weekend I hope to be able to figure out how to add the pictures of the UFOs / projects I have listed and those I quilts I completed so far. That is one goal for this coming weekend.
Another goal is to work on my Jacob's Ladder Scrap Quilt. Currently ... it is in the blocks stage at the moment but I have enough blocks now to make the quilt with so it shouldn't be a problem to get it all pieced together into a top. I also want to piece this backing to use up some of my stash and not have to buy anything. Trying to reduce my stash a bit and use up those odd pieces and those what was I thinking fabrics. Ya'll all know the ones I'm talking about I know.
Another goal will be to sort through little man's closet and find out which clothes do not fit anymore. Which will probably be all of them. He has grown like a weed and each pair of jeans we try on seem to be high waters and that is not a good look. So it's time to declutter his closet and dresser. DD has been slowly going through her closet as she tries on something and it doesn't fit it goes into the yard sale box and that one is full so we need a new one. She has grown alot over the summer and her style has changed so it's time for a shopping trip. Which she loves to do. But what teenage girl doesn't?

that's it for now ...

so goes on the life and times of a mother and scrap quilter ... until next time

Monday, October 20, 2008

Camping in October - What Were We Thinking???

Here it is the middle of October and we decided to go tent camping with some friends of ours. What were we thinking? This is a last minute throw whatever you can grab into the car along with the tent and get there as quickly as we can to set up before dark. lol
Me and the kids grab clothing - jeans and pullovers mostly, enough food for the weekend, the air mattress, pillows and TONS of quilts to stay warm. I had to stop at the Dollar General to pick up a flashlight (I know everyone should own a working flashlight but I didn't) and decided to buy a little heater just in case.
We get to the campsite area about 7:30 or so and our friends help us unpack the car and set up the tent they let us borrow. We got everything set up and then sat around the campfire for awhile before calling it a night. I thought it might get cool enough during the night so I turned the little heater on before we went to bed.
We woke up Saturday morning to temps in the low 40s. BRRRRR!!! That little heater had worked so well I didn't realize it was that cold until I got outta the tent. We got breakfast ready and ate. It was so cold you could see your breathe the whole time. I thought to myself, I wish we were at home in the nice warm house. But .... to make the best of it after breakfast was ate and we clear everything up I took all the kids on a walk around the campsite to get our blood a pumping and warm us up. We spent the rest of the day walking, hiking in the woods, looking for shells by the river and playing at the park. That evening it warmed up quite a bit. It still felt so nice to come in after supper and sit by a nice warm campfire. Me and the kids all made outdoor s'mores. YUMMY!!! We went off to bed a bit later and again I was tickled to have that trusty little heat to turn on .
Sunday morning we got up to warmer temps mid 50s maybe but still chilly. We got our stuff packed up and ate breakfast and left by 10AM to be able to go to church and visit family the rest of the day.
Our lesson for this weekend ... no matter what the temps are (lol) - make the best of your time together. We had such fun. The kids enjoyed being there with me and the others - it was a nice time to unwind and to re-bond. I love my kids to pieces and life has been crazy busy lately. This last minute decision was just what we needed. Time away from everything and time to just enjoy being together. And that trusty little heater was a lifesaver.
I'll upload photos later of some of the fun we had.

until next time ....

Friday, October 17, 2008

just an update

I have been super busy with life in general and trying to keep up around the house and the kids changed schools this week so we are all adjusting to the new schedule too. They really are liking the new school and making lots of new friends. DD said that she is so glad they changed schools. It is so rough being a teenager, I wanted to ensure that she had a good group of friends and enjoyed going to school. Where she was she said she didn't fit in and the kids were really mean to her. I couldn't and wouldn't accept that. Changing schools is proving to be a positive change all the way around. I am so glad too :)
I have made some progress on decluttering. I am going through stages of trying to go through stuff for awhile and then working on keeping the rest of the house clean too. It is a work in progress and I will continue as I find the extra time and energy to do so. The house is looking so much nicer and is easier to clean.
I have made some progress on my UFOs as well. I have a top at my friend's house to be quilted. It is the Tennesse Quilt. I am leaving it up to her to quilt - she did my Four Patch Ladder and I love it. She is so talented and creative. I trust her to do what will look best. Here is the preview of the top. Gonna do a scrappy strip binding.

Got to figure out how to add pictures soon to show you what I have been working on. Lately I have been making string blocks to make another scrappy quilt with. They are turning out nicely if I do say so myself. I got part of them from a swap and the rest I made. I have lots more to make to have a full size top but it is a great way to use up those strips and strings. Here are the blocks I have made so far. Whatcha think? Neat for just strips and strings.

I have gotten all the Bow-Tie blocks into a top only to find that I am in need of lots more of those blocks too. That will have to wait until I get another top together though. Here are the blocks I have done - I sewed them together to see what they would look like. I like the way it is coming along.

I have the Jacobs Ladder blocks sewn together in pairs so that one will be my next one to get together and off to my friend to be quilted. I still lack FIVE quilts to complete by Christmas. One is at my friend's house ready to be quilted, the rest are in various stages. I am just trying to do them as I can. I have quilter's ADHD - I can't stay focused on one project for that long anymore. I know I am terrible.

so goes on the life and times of a mother and scrap quilter .... until next time ...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's Finished!!! Four Patch Ladder Quilt

I am happy to say over the weekend I got to finish the binding on my Four Patch Ladder quilt that a dear friend of mine quilted for me. She did a lovely job with the quilting. UPDATE!!! Now that I figured out how to add pictures .... here is the picture of it. Whatcha think??

This is one of the six quilts I need to complete by Christmas for gifts for my brothers and sisters. Shhhh .... don't tell 'em! I also was able to start some Christmas blocks for an online swap I am doing and need to get those done by the weekend. I'll work on them each day a bit and see what I can get done by the weekend.
I completed DS's room and have it all nice and neat for him - he loves it! Feels good to have it all done. I started decluttering my bedroom over the weekend and got alot done but am babystepping my way through it. I can see the difference I made though so in time it will be all neat and organized and I'll want to get that room painted and done up nicely for me to enjoy but that will be a ways down the road.
so goes on the life and times of a mother and scrap quilter ... until next time ...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

making progress

I did it! I finished the backing for my Four Patch Ladder quilt. I pieced it using 10.5 inch squares all from my stash. That helped me used up almost 6 yards if I figured right. I am trying to use just fabric from my stash and make up enough quilts to give my brothers and sisters for Christmas presents. That means I will need to make a total of SIX quilts. So with the Four Patch sent off yesterday to be quilted, that means I have just FIVE to go in SIX months. Think I can do it?
I have been trying to follow the Flylady program a bit to help remove the clutter from my house. I have made great progress with this and this week I am working in my DS room. I have just about everything out of the room and I am painting it now. He picked grey and blue. Lower part will be medium blue and upper will be a light grey. I have a cool sports themed border I got and both colors are in the border so it will look great. He will be so happy to have his room done. DD had her room repainted for her birthday earlier this year and he asked "when is my room getting done?"
So will keep you updated on the decluttering progress and room redo progress as well as the quilts on my UFO list too.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

getting started ....

I have been looking at several blogs that my friends have and find them so inspiring that I wanted to try this myself to see if I can inspire someone and myself a bit too. I will be posting about my life as a mother of two wonderful kiddos and a peek at my quilting trials and projects and whatever else I might want to include too.

I chose the name of my blog 'cause I am learning to use what life has given me and pick up the pieces and move on. I also use bits and pieces to create my scrappy quilts which I love to make. Around here nothing goes to waste as you will come to see.