Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's Finished!!! Four Patch Ladder Quilt

I am happy to say over the weekend I got to finish the binding on my Four Patch Ladder quilt that a dear friend of mine quilted for me. She did a lovely job with the quilting. UPDATE!!! Now that I figured out how to add pictures .... here is the picture of it. Whatcha think??

This is one of the six quilts I need to complete by Christmas for gifts for my brothers and sisters. Shhhh .... don't tell 'em! I also was able to start some Christmas blocks for an online swap I am doing and need to get those done by the weekend. I'll work on them each day a bit and see what I can get done by the weekend.
I completed DS's room and have it all nice and neat for him - he loves it! Feels good to have it all done. I started decluttering my bedroom over the weekend and got alot done but am babystepping my way through it. I can see the difference I made though so in time it will be all neat and organized and I'll want to get that room painted and done up nicely for me to enjoy but that will be a ways down the road.
so goes on the life and times of a mother and scrap quilter ... until next time ...