Saturday, November 22, 2008

Jacob's Ladder quilt is completed

Oh my - the mailman made my day I can tell ya!! He brought me a package and in it was this wonderful quilt (my scrappy Jacob's Ladder Quilt) my friend Tirane quilted for me ... isn't it lovely. She did a fabulous job on the quilting. I am so happy with it.
Update .... The binding is now completed and I can mark this one as completed!!!

I have been pulling fabrics today to cut some charms for a swap I am doing and while cutting charms I decided to go ahead and cut 10.5 inch squares to piece the backing for my scrappy sampler I am working on. I think I have enough cut to piece the backing. Need to be in there sewing instead of playing on the computer but I needed a break. I plan on sewing some more tonight and finishing up the sampler over the weekend and hopefully the binding on the Jacob's Ladder quilt too. Am I ambitious or what??
I have been cleaning up my sewing area today to get ready for my company that is coming on Wednesday. This means to clean up and put everything away that is normally sitting on the breakfast room table and under the table and on the bar to the left of it. I have claimed this area as my sewing area. While cleaning it has come to my attention that I am totally addicted to scraps (as if you didn't know). I found lots of great scrap pieces to add to a scrap box to make blocks later. I also found lots of pieced blocks I totally forgot I had made. I took advantage of the cleaning mode and put all the made blocks along with the fabric I had been using into large baggies with directions if I had them. I have found enough BOBs and UFOs to keep me sewing throughout all next year - even without starting another project. Which you know will happen. I have quilter's ADHD - I can't stay focused on one project for long if I see something else I'd like to try then I wander off and start that one. I know I have got to work on this. My plan for 2009 will be to work on my BOBs and UFOs before starting another project. Let's see if I can stick to this.

I am so thankful for my quilty friends who inspire me when I need a kick in the tail! I am so thankful for all the fabric I have been playing with today. I have enough fabric in my stash to make several more scrappy quilts. I am so thankful for Saturday's to play catchup and some downtime. I am so thankful for my Father in-law who is so supportive and encouraging even with the loss of his dear loved one.

until next time.

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