Friday, June 26, 2009

Goals for July

Since June is almost another completed month in the books I am going to make my goals list for July and really really work on getting the most of them completed by the time the kids return from their dads at the end of the month.

Here is the updated list of goals I made a bit ago. I finished several of them since my last update - you will notice I now have only EIGHT goals still listed from my original list - painted the railings and shutter, wood is on the porch roof, flower beds are done for the season
1. Finish Mother's 30s Quilt - center is done need to make a few more blocks to surround the center and then see from there.
2. Finish reworking Kimberly's Black and White RR - this is in rows but will be taken apart and reworked
3. Finish String Quilt - blocks are here just waiting to be used; I thinking of combining them with the TN blocks to make my little man a large quilt for his bed.
4. Clean out my closet and redo my bedroom
5. Sort and organize my stash for better access ... update ... purchased some storage tubs to try and work on this soon.
6. Sort and organize my patterns so I can find them more easily ... update ... pulled them all and have them stacked waiting to be put into binders with dividers that are here. Thinking I am going to reduce these by half or more and if I need a pattern then I can print it off the internet instead of having to keep it in my sewing area.
7. Thin out my scraps ... update ... I have used some this month but they seem to reproduce with each project I make though. Can't tell I have used any! Might need to have a scrap give away.
8. Lose 6 more pounds ... Update .. I am now down 12 pounds and hope to continue to lose and lose my goal of 10% of my starting body weight. Working on this still - slowly but surely. Clothes are fitting better and I feel better too. Wonder why other's can't tell when you lose 12 pounds but I can??

until next time ... set your goals and work on them as you can


Maggie A said...

WOW, you have lots of goals.....wish I could make lists and carry them out. I make lists and takes me months to get any done. And don't worry about other people not seeing your weight know and can see and feel. I'm stalled at the moment, but have lost enough that some of my clothes are baggy....but some people can't see any differnece.

Susan said...

First of all, thanks for looking at my blog and for sending me the comment on the blue and yellow quilt. Those comments really give me the encouragement to go on! I am answering you by commenting on your blog, because I think you are set for No-Reply, so I couldn't reply directly to your comment. But thanks anyway for visiting and looking!
I really like the quilts you have posted, and also am in awe of your lists. I'm not able to do that at all. And the courage to post weight-loss progress--not everyone can do that.
I hope you don't mind if I tell you that I think there is a funny black spot that shows up on the left side of your blog, right behind the your letters, and a smaller brownish one more toward the center near the top. It may have to do with the background you have chosen (which is really cute).
All the best,

tirane93 said...

that's quite an ambitious list girlie! congratulations on the weight loss and keep your chin up through the tough family times. i'm thinking of you. :)