Friday, June 26, 2009

Where has the month gone??

WOW!! It's been a month today since my last posting on here. Life has been super busy. Little man just finished his ball season and they ending up third in the regular season and second in the league to finish the tourney. He learned so much since the start of the season and just loves playing. He was really upset when they lost last night which is understandable. They all played such a good game.
It's been busy busy here. We had company come and go, got lots of stuff done around the house and yard, took a trip to the zoo and work has been extra busy keeping me their later in the day. I am hoping that with ball season over and that not taking up a couple evenings a week I can post more about what is happening here about this small town life of mine.
The garden is starting to come in ... Tirane I have one RED tomatoe already and green beans waiting for me to pick them this weekend and blackberries ready on the vines too.
We have entered into summer with a bang - the temps have finally gotten close to our normal of 90s plus and it is not a good thing. With the hot weather I am unable to be outside as much as I have been so yard work will be put on hold until Fall weather hits. It is a good thing though as I can focus on getting my bedroom redone and decluttered. The kids will spend July with their Dad so the evenings will be filled with sewing, organzing and painting my bedroom. I want to get it done and cleaned top to bottom by the end of July. It will be a good treat for me to finally do something with my bedroom. It has not been touched since the house was bought back in 1993. Time for a redo.
I have not gotten to work on my mother's 30s Sampler anymore since my last post now that is sad! I did find the other block patterns I want to make to finish off the next round of blocks for it though. Hope to get back to it and it be an Anniversary gift for her (maybe) in October. I did make some pineapple blossom blocks for a swap I was in but they turned out 1/4 inch too small so I just had to not complete the swap and apologize as I didn't want to hold up the swap any longer than I had. I should have done a test block before joining in. I guess I will make a few more of my own and turn this into a lap quilt for mother to use in her chair this winter. (I'll post pictures and links soon I hope)
I need to catch up on my stashbusting reports and update my Goals and UFO listings too. Will try and work on that today. I have lost a few more pounds so I will update my tracker above too. I have not been doing good with dieting the last two weeks as they have been super stressful and I am a stress eater. I am going to do better and get back into gear with this and continue to lose weight and feel better about me.
until next time ...

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