Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Online Quilting Swap Sites

Are you a member of a online quilting site or two, too? ;O)
When I first got into quilting I found a great online quilting site on MSN called Quilting To Share an I was hooked. I love to swap! It's such fun.
I am a member on a couple online quilting swap sites that I'd like to share the links with you. There are two that I have been a part of for awhile and enjoy. They are Quilting Around The World and Quilting To Share. I am a member of both because they offer different kinda swaps and one is larger and more active than the other. I am also a member on another forum called Quilting Board. They are a world wide site and I am still getting the hang of this one. Love doing the Friendship Swap though. It's my favorite swap. Each site offers different swaps and challenges and such that I enjoy so I don't want to give any of them up. So I pick and choose what swaps I participate in so I don't spread myself too thin.
Swapping is addictive I can tell ya. I so enjoy swapping and getting those squishes in the mail. They sure are a great pick me up I can tell ya. It's exciting to see what the other swappers send. Such Fun! If you would like to check out those sites please do so and come join in the fun.
until next time ... happy quilting!

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Judy said...

Thank you for the kind words on my blog. I enjoy yours also.
When I first discovered online quilt groups, it was a Washington State group...over 10 years ago. We were a very active group but things have slowed way down, I still have swap blocks that need to be quilts. ;) and I am still a quiet member.
I've joined and quit other groups and now am a member of only a few. I found myself in front the computer instead of the sewing machine. I took a deep breath and unsubbed from several and now I spend my computer time on blogs and facebook....all I did was exchange one for another. ;) but I spend less time at the computer. So now I must go sew!!!