Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year ... New Goals and Plans List

I have plans and goals for the coming year. I have been thinking about these since Thanksgiving. Some are personal but for those who read my blog you know me and are here to encourage me through my struggles and I appreciate ya'll for this.

2010 Quilty Goals
1. Work on cleaning up my sewing area and getting it organized.
2. Work on and hopefully finish SIX UFOs/BOBs this year.
3. Make up precut kits while sorting and organizing this year.
4. Not buy fabric - use from my stash or swap for what I need.

2010 Personal Goals
1. Work on being a strong better me! I seem to always put myself last and it's time to change that a bit.
2. Play with the kids more - let the other stuff go when it's my weekends with them. They are growing up so fast and I feel myself missing out on so much we could be doing together. Life is busy but it's time to find time for the fun things in life.
3. Work on reducing the excess stuff around the house. Get things in order so it's easier to keep clean. My house may never be spotless but I want it clean enough for company to come without me freaking out. To get back to the basics of life ... what's really important will stay ... what's not is going in the next yard sale pile.
4. Work on my weight - lose 20 pounds or more, to get up and get active again.
5. Go on a real family vacation to .... not sure ... need to discuss this with the kiddos but it's in the plans for 2010. Hope to do this early Spring - Summer. Maybe to the mountains or go visit the beach.
6. Get my finances in better shape, keep cutting those coupons and finding ways to save and reuse and such. Learn to live within my means better.

Things to try or learn in 2010
1. To stipple ... top of the list
2. To try applique
3. To make homemade bread


Henrietta said...

Those are great goals and the simple fact that you have written them down increases your chances of success.

Brenda said...

You have great goals - all totally do-able and attainable. One step at a time, don't rush it and don't pressure yourself or beat yourself up about any of them!!
You are looking forward to a fantastic new year!!! 2010 ( I love writing that!!) is going to be wounderful!! Enjoy your vacation!!! both places sound great.......!!

Judy said...

Great goals.....I'll help you with the making bread but that may not help you with the weight loss. ;<)

Go to
click on cooking, then Grandmother bread and jump right in. Simple, great instructions with great photos. You'll be a bread baker in no time.