Sunday, November 29, 2009

Stash Busting Report Week 48

Just FOUR more reports and 2009 is over - I joined Judy's 2009 Stash Bustin Challenge
Look here to see how great the other's are doing. It's fun to do this each week and see how everyone is working at their own pace and most are happy with their progress. So glad this is not a test as I might be failing. I am sure to sign up for next year's Challenge and hope to bust over 100yd again next year. I honestly didn't realize how much of a stash I had in their but now I am beginning to see how much I truly have and need to work harder on using it up.

This past week, I was able to work on some swap blocks and potholders to use up a bit and I also sold some more fabric to help with my kiddos' Christmas gifts

Fabric Added this Week: 0 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date: 8.5 yards
Fabric Used this Week: 1 yard
Fabric gifted/sold this week: 14.25 yards
Fabric Used Year to Date: 103.50 yards (YEAH!!! I broke 100yds!! this is amazing!!)

Here's my thread usage report --I have over 51 spools of thread on hand ... this is bad, very bad! I keep finding spools of thread everywhere I go to clean and organize in there ... now tell me just many spools of thread does a person need??? I finished that spool from last week and I'm close to finishing another one. But ... I need to buy beige/white thread this afternoon when I run my errands so that will offset what I'm using. I never got to town to buy the thread but I did finish another spool

Spools added this week: 0 spools
Spools used this week: 1 spool
Total Spools used to Date: 11 spools
Total Spools bought to Date: 2 spools

until next time .... happy quilting and happy stash busting!


Lori in South Dakota said...

You never seem to have enough thread. I'm always digging for the "right" color to hand stitch down a binding.

tirane93 said...

you're doing so good this year, bravo!

Lori in South Dakota said...

Yes, I found a bag of fabric buried in a box in the closet. I will "assume" it was before Stashbusting reports! The Bear in the Farmhouse laid on top some boxes and drove me crazy--I had to finish it! It didn't get 7 borders, but I did get it done! now for all those 9 patches I found......