Saturday, February 6, 2010

If Momma Ain't Happy ...

If Momma Ain't Happy ... Ain't Nobody Happy!!

I am slowly learning that this is so true. I have been dealing with alot of private things that have made me unhappy to say the least but learning to make myself happy again has been hard to figure out. By my being unhappy my kids have suffered in the process and that makes me even sadder. Dealing with life is hard enough as a kid without anything else being added to their plate.
I am taking steps to find a way to make me happy inside and out.
First I joined and have been receiving daily emails from DivorceCare and this is helping me by me starting each day with the reading of the email and listening to it's words and praying about my life. I won't say more I don't want to sound preachy or affend anyone.
Next ... I am learning to let some things go ... which means ... if I don't have enough time to do the dishes and the clothes each day it's okay! Time spent with the kids is more important. I find it hard to get everything done every day and have been stressing over it. Now ... I don't care if my house is spotless when company comes over. We live in a home and it's lived in and shows that we are enjoying life. Nothing wrong with it at all. For those who think I am wrong please don't come and smub your nose at me.
Next ... I am learning to enjoy the little good things in life so that the little bad things don't seem so bad. For instance for supper last night ... we went to Ruby Tuesday's and ate dessert ... just dessert and it was yummy! Think about it for a minute, most of the time when you go out to eat you eat your supper and then are so full you can't have dessert without being sick. I had told the kids the last time we were there that we'd come back and eat just dessert, so I surprised them last night and we did just that. My daughter said, "Where is my mother and what have you done with her?" Simple things like this may change alot in our relationship. In time, I hope they see that I am not just the mean mom that makes them eat their veggies, brush their teeth, go to bed on time and get up and go to school.
I know this is not my normal posting and I hope you don't mind my post today, I needed to write it so I can look back on it when I'm having a rough day and need a boost. Who knows someone else might have some tips out their to share or someone else might be going through the same thing and it will encourage them to take that first step to being happy about themselves and their life again. It is okay to be happy, we all deserve to be happy.


Paula said...

While we are different circumstances, we are both learning the same lessons. Life isn't about being perfect, it's about searching for, finding and enjoying the moments. It's easy to get trapped in the unfairness of things, the difficulty of things and miss out on the fact that in spite of it all, life is good. Going out for dessert is an awesome idea, one I plan to copy with my girlfriends!

tirane93 said...

delightful! lots of positive thoughts aimed straight at you and your kids. keep at it!

Susan said...

I'm sorry to hear that you are going through a hard time. I've been there too, and hope you will find the strength to make a good life for yourself and your children. You deserve and so do they. All blessings to you.

country mouse said...

Didn't mind this post at all. You know where I'm at, and I can identify with where you're at. I'm so glad to hear things have been going better for you. I can identify with the clean house thing. Sometimes I feel it needs to be spotless, but then I remember a saying I saw on a quilt...My house is clean enough to be healthy, but dirty enough to be happy! Love that saying!! I agree with you and try to do the same. Its about healthy relationships, focusing on the kids, and taking care of yourself. The house will be there later. Glad you all had a great dinner out, and things are improving. I hope things continue to only get better. (((((hugs)))))

Lori in South Dakota said...

I really liked your post. I laughed at your daughter's comment "where is my mother...!" Yes, give them things to look back on like that. Not just the veggies!