Sunday, February 7, 2010

Stashbusting Report Week 6

This week's progress at a glance.

I got to do some sewing this weekend and I am happy to say I have a FINISH!!! Yep, I can mark one UFO off my list for the year. That makes me feel good I can tell you. Not the best picture as I finished the binding this morning about 1AM so it had to be spread out in the living room to get it all in the picture. See I even used from my stash to piece the backing. TIRANE did the quilting for me of course ;o) and it looks fabulous!

I got my February's Star Block block ... it was harder than it loooks but I have that task marked off my list for February.
I made one of February's Christmas Sampler blocks. If you haven't guessed this one is a wreath. :o)
My stash report for the week is not bad I guess but my usuage needs to be more each week instead of me selling/gifting it others. Check out Judy's Stash Busting Challenge for this year it will put you in the right direction to use what you have and keep you on track by posting with the rest of the bunch weekly like THE OTHERS - everyone is doing so good this year.
Fabric usage report ....
Fabric Added this Week: 0 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date: 4 yards
Fabric Used this Week: .5 yard
Fabric gifted/sold this week: 7 yards
Fabric Out Year to Date: 37 yards (not a bad start)
Thread usage report --I have over 51 spools of thread on hand - I hope to use half of these this year.
Spools added this week: 0 spools
Spools used this week: 0 spools
Total Spools used to Date: 2 spools
Total Spools bought to Date: 2 spools
until next time ... happy quilting


country mouse said...

What a beautiful quilt! I love it, the center, the border, the backing, the quilting. Love it love it love it!!! Keep up the great work, getting those UFOs done, and busting that stash. ((hugs))

tirane93 said...

you're really quick with the bindings, scrappy girl! how about i send mine up there for you to do the binding on? :)

Anonymous said...

Great looking scrap quilt! I really like how the light in the border really sets off the triangular shape of those blocks.

the writer said...

I love your quilt! Scrappy quilts are my favorite type (but you couldn't tell that by the number of kits I have in the stash)!!

I can't wait to see what new eye candy you will have for us next week.

Mary said...

I like that string block border.