Wednesday, July 29, 2009

sewing room cleanup

I haven't had it in my to sew ... so .... I have been participating in a weekly challenge on a quilting site I am a member of and doing some cleaning up and organizing in my sewing room. I am happy with the way things are coming together. Now I am a bit ashamed to show you just how bad it got before I started this clean up. But here goes nothing.

Here are some pictures of the after cleanup on the first day. I have lots still to do and hope to do some more each day until the weekend and then I am sewing!! I have been sorting, pressing and cutting as I go too. I have added lots to my pre-cut square drawers, string drawer, crumb drawers and put away several things that I should have long ago but that is a fault I have ;o)
(look I can see the counter top and table again but don't look under the bar at the mess of fabric I have stashed their)
Now I need to work on cutting these leftover pieces I found while sorting and start sorting my patterns. That is my goal for tomorrow. How would you sort-organize your patterns into binders to make them easier to find what you are looking for when you need it? Input here would be greatly appreciated.

until next time ... happy quilting and work on those goals!

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