Friday, July 31, 2009

sewing room cleanup update

I have made some nice progress this week doing the challenge to clean up my sewing area. (will post photos later) I am happy to say that I did a fast cleanup of the area last night and then I started working on the patterns and putting them into binders. I am about 1/4 of the way through the patterns and plan on working on them again tomorrow night while watching a good movie to help pass the time ;O) and get these put away. I trimmed down the cut-offs pictured in the previous posts - some down to 2.5 and the rest at 3.0 - those went into the drawer units with the precut squares for a scrappy project yet to be discovered.
I have been cleaning and organizing this week with the hopes of sewing on the 30s Sampler for my Mother tomorrow. I am GOING to finish this one this weekend!! That is my number one goal. I will post my update in the morning - might turn it into a sewing marathon.
Anyone up to join me for a sewing marathon tomorrow. Please let me know and we can encourage and motivate each other to make some progress.
This weeks challenge on the quilting site I belong to is to make a quilt top - I hope to complete this challenge tomorrow!
until next time ... happy quilting

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