Wednesday, July 29, 2009

without knowing it

I have been working on some of my goals this week .... I didn't even think about my goals until I glanced back at them just now.
some of my July Goals updated ....
5. Sort and organize my stash for better access ... update ... purchased some storage tubs to try and work on this soon. Have used half of these tubs to put fabric into the bottom of my closet instead of in those copy paper boxes I showed earlier. I have been sorting and pressing and folding fabric and have made some progress I can see it too.
6. Sort and organize my patterns so I can find them more easily ... update ... pulled them all and have them stacked waiting to be put into binders with dividers that are here. Thinking I am going to reduce these by half or more and if I need a pattern then I can print it off the internet instead of having to keep it in my sewing area. Have all the patterns pulled and sitting on my sewing table to work on tomorrow night.
7. Thin out my scraps ... update ... I have used some this month but they seem to reproduce with each project I make though. Can't tell I have used any! Might need to have a scrap give away. I have been sorting, pressing, cutting and putting my scraps away. I have tossed some fabric, have a bag started to donate, swapped a few pieces and have lots still to go through. My precut square drawers, strings and crumb drawers are starting to get full, making it time to start sewing with them again.

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