Friday, July 24, 2009

summer slump??

Are you in a summer slump too? I have been and my friend Tirane posted about it on her blog HERE and it got me to thinking about my slump.
Remember my goals list from the end of JUNE??? I haven't gotten ANY of them complete! That is so sad too. I haven't felt the urge to get in my sewing area lately and do any sewing or cleaning for that matter. I thought about it and think I am in a sewing slump or maybe it's just a summer slump and it will pass in time. I have so many ideas to make different projects and quilts but no drive or desire to do so. I think it might be the lack of time and energy that keeps me for cranking out two or three quilts a month like I used to. Or is it called a quilter's block?? Do all quilters hit a point where they don't feel like quilting? I gasp as I say that. I have all that fabric in there and all those patterns just waiting to be tried out. What is a girl to do?
please help us to find ways to beat our sewing slump/summer slump/ quilter's block

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