Monday, October 20, 2008

Camping in October - What Were We Thinking???

Here it is the middle of October and we decided to go tent camping with some friends of ours. What were we thinking? This is a last minute throw whatever you can grab into the car along with the tent and get there as quickly as we can to set up before dark. lol
Me and the kids grab clothing - jeans and pullovers mostly, enough food for the weekend, the air mattress, pillows and TONS of quilts to stay warm. I had to stop at the Dollar General to pick up a flashlight (I know everyone should own a working flashlight but I didn't) and decided to buy a little heater just in case.
We get to the campsite area about 7:30 or so and our friends help us unpack the car and set up the tent they let us borrow. We got everything set up and then sat around the campfire for awhile before calling it a night. I thought it might get cool enough during the night so I turned the little heater on before we went to bed.
We woke up Saturday morning to temps in the low 40s. BRRRRR!!! That little heater had worked so well I didn't realize it was that cold until I got outta the tent. We got breakfast ready and ate. It was so cold you could see your breathe the whole time. I thought to myself, I wish we were at home in the nice warm house. But .... to make the best of it after breakfast was ate and we clear everything up I took all the kids on a walk around the campsite to get our blood a pumping and warm us up. We spent the rest of the day walking, hiking in the woods, looking for shells by the river and playing at the park. That evening it warmed up quite a bit. It still felt so nice to come in after supper and sit by a nice warm campfire. Me and the kids all made outdoor s'mores. YUMMY!!! We went off to bed a bit later and again I was tickled to have that trusty little heat to turn on .
Sunday morning we got up to warmer temps mid 50s maybe but still chilly. We got our stuff packed up and ate breakfast and left by 10AM to be able to go to church and visit family the rest of the day.
Our lesson for this weekend ... no matter what the temps are (lol) - make the best of your time together. We had such fun. The kids enjoyed being there with me and the others - it was a nice time to unwind and to re-bond. I love my kids to pieces and life has been crazy busy lately. This last minute decision was just what we needed. Time away from everything and time to just enjoy being together. And that trusty little heater was a lifesaver.
I'll upload photos later of some of the fun we had.

until next time ....

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