Friday, October 31, 2008


It's today!! Halloween is today!! We've been working up to this day all week. DD finished carving her pumpkin last night and we have them on display on top of our TV. I'll post pictures this weekend. Tonight we are going to do the Trick-Or-Treating thing and then come home and watch movies til we fall asleep. Gonna have lots of fun. Will fill ya in later on all that happens.

I have a couple of goals for this weekend. One is to get the Jacobs Ladder scrap quilt together and piece the backing from my stash. What a great way to reduce your stash of those 'uglies' and 'those what was I thinking' fabrics. Will post pictures of the top soon. Need to work on some other blocks too to help complete another UFO. I have so much still to complete by Christmas for gifts. I had better kick it into gear.
Another goal I have to complete is go through DS's closet and find clothes he can wear. I have a pile in front of his closet where I have them pulled out and if you can wear them they are being put on hangers and the rest into boxes for the yard sale I am planning soon. DD will do her own closet as she has her own style and I don't know what she will wear and won't.
Another goal is to clean off the counter in the bathroom. I noticed this morning I have too much stuff on that counter and I need to thin it down and toss the old stuff I don't use. Anyone else have this problem?? buy a lotion, perfume and thing of makeup try it once or twice and never use it again? That will be my organizing goal for the weekend then, my bathroom counter.

until next time ....

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