Sunday, October 25, 2009

weekly goals update

Goal #1 - BUSTED!! Here is the backing I have been piecing for the TN Strings Quilt. It is finally finished. Now to find batting and get to quilting on it.
Goal # 2 - BUSTED!!! Sashing strips have been added to the 30s blocks - whatcha think so far? I know it needs a border but still haven't decided on what to do yet. Gotta get on the stick though as the deadline to have this in the mail is looming. (sorry I was running outta light for this one.)

Goal #3 -- not quite finished but made some progress. Remember the basket I was sorting this week, well this is some of what I found while sorting it. Lots of pieces and parts to blocks. I got to work and pieced the most of them into blocks but I have a pile still to complete. I have one (the blue square one) that is leftover pieces from a border than I am turning into a hotpad. I have it sandwiched ready to quilt here but it is now completed.

I have no clue what the one set of pieces are supposed to be for (those in the upper right corner and in the center of the picture are the pieces and parts I have left to put together). I guess I need to play with them and find the layout for them. I hate when I come across block parts and no pattern is there with them. I am going to do better about putting the pattern with the block parts and putting them into baggies. Then I won't have this trouble.

Next weeks goals.
1. Cut and sort this basket into usable pieces and finish last week's basket.
2. Work on the borders for the 30s Top pictured above.
3. Find something to sort and organize each day. A little bit of progress is better than none!

until next time ... happy quilting and work on those goals.


Babs said...

That backing looks great! I need to start thinking "outside the box" and do more than just 1 fabric backings.

For the 30's quilt, I think I would go with something that continues the scrappy look. I know the gals on QATW suggested a scrappy border and I think that would look great and be easy to do.

You are really getting a lot done on sorting and cutting and organizing! have fun figuring out those blocks! I found a whole bag of parts too. I think mine are for some Jacobs Ladder blocks. Isn't it funny what we bag up and put away?

Loves To Quilt said...

Kathleen is going to love the quilt. Great job!!! I like Babs would go with the scrappy border. Something like you did your Moms.
When you are finished organinzing all of your sewing and getting it set up you can come to my house. I try but it keep getting messed up again. Must be those critters getting in and fooling around where they shouldn't be. LOL!!!

Judy said...

Good job with the 30s quilt. I'm glad you took out the brighter block, it's a very calming quilt now. Can't wait to see the border you choose. Thanks for the scrap cutting inspiration. I have 2 big baskets done thanks to your encouragement.