Sunday, October 11, 2009

Week's Progress Report

I decided to start posting some small weekly goals to help me stay on track and get things done even if it seems like small meaningless things to others, it all adds up and makes a big difference to me, my amount of progress and the organization and tidiness of my house.

Update of my progress from this Monday's list. I did good but didn't completely finish them all.
Weekly goals
1. Sort and cut basket into usable pieces - BUSTED!!
2. Piece the backing to the TN Strings Quilt -- SOOO CLOSE I can taste it!
3. Spend 20 minutes or more each day organizing something - did this almost every day - I think I missed one day but made up for it on other days by doing over the 20 minutes. This one will be on the list weekly.

This week's goals
1. Piece the backing to the TN Strings Quilt
2. Figure out a layout for these blocks for a blocks to top swap
3. Spend 20 minutes or more each day organizing something
4. Sort and cut this basket into usable pieces

unit next time ... happy quilting and work on those goals!


Judy said...

Good job getting the basket of scraps cut up. That's sometimes a tough project to get in to. I have been setting a time for 30 minutes for organization time before I can start sewing. So far, I'm going pretty good.
Are you going to sash your swap blocks??? I think they all go together very well except for maybe the bottom center, I'd swap that one out for something else more pastel. But that's just me. I love sampler quilts.

Babs said...

LOL. The 30's sampler I'm working on has some of the exact same blocks. I'm not using the red bowtie though.

I agree with Judy, I like the layout as you have it if you can do something about that block. It just seems so out of balance to the rest of them.

What are you doing for sashing?

Loves To Quilt said...

I agree the red block throws it all off. Maybe you can make another one to replace that one and on that one sign it and date it to be used on the back as a lable. Put on it assembled by: and your name and the date. Just a suggestion.