Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'll be binding

I got two quilts back from Tirane in the past week. I need to bind them now. I plan on working on the HUG QUILT tonight while watching a bit of TV. I hope to bind the Scrappy HST one over the weekend. If I can manage some close up pictures of the quilting I will share that with you - she did an amazing job on the butterflies on the one and her quilting on the other is just so nice. Pictures will tell all won't they? And to think both will be coming off the UFO/BOB list. Won't that be nice? Two finishes for March too!! I know I am behind on finishes but that is okay. Slow and steady wins the race right?

Little man started ball practice the other night so my weeks just got a little busiers so I may not be posting about getting things done for awhile. He did so good and the weather was lovely. Today it is raining and yucky out and he is supposed to practice tonight and he was really looking forward to it too. He'll be bummed out about it. We really need the practice too. This is his second year of playing and most of the other's have been playing since Tball so his skills are a bit behind the others but that is okay. His coach seems to be good and willing to teach those who need it. We will see.
until next time ....

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