Sunday, March 15, 2009

Quilt-Along Step 4 progress

I am terrible - after this mornings stash busting report I went to cut the sashing strips for the Quilt Along - Step 4 that I need to finish today and low and behold I do not have enough of the gold fabric. ;o(
I searched high and low for something well anything kinda similar to the fabric I started with. Found one FQ only but that is still not enough so ... I had to break down and actually ... I hate to say the words .... buy fabric! I just bought one half yard to hopefully finish the sashing. It is in the wash now then I am sewing the rest of the afternoon.
I'll update my status later on today.
And here is what I got done today ... not as much as I hoped due to several phone calls but that is okay. I didn't get Step 4 totally done but I made some progress - we have until the 24th or 25th to post our pictures so I still have some time. Need to work on two inner borders to finish this step. whatcha think so far? my sashings are a bit wavy. I need to work on getting them together better. Still learning with each quilt.
I also made six crumb blocks doing the leaders and enders method. Thanks for sharing that idea with me. I am now multitasking while quilting ... lol
I have two sides of the binding done on the Scrappy HST quilt for my sister and hope ot have the other two sides done before too much longer. Wanted to post before I shut down the computer for the night.
until next time ....

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