Saturday, March 14, 2009

time for change

today is the first day of changes for me ... I am going to find ways to change lots of things around me and with me to make life more enjoyable and make us happy again.
Change #1 was getting my hair done. I can not tell you when the last time I went to a salon and got my hair done. I have neglected me for a long time and I need to change that. One of my 2009 goals is to work on being a better me. This is a start.
Change #2 is to start watching what I eat closer and drinking more water instead of coffee and diet cokes. I was looking in the mirror at my face (my very round face I might add) while my hair was up in those pretty little rollers and I couldn't help but see how much weight I have gained and how my face has changed. I almost have a double chin and that is sad. Another goal for 2009 is to reduce my intake and lose more weight. I want to work on losing 10% of my weight by summer and keeping with it and lose whatever I can to feel good again. I weigh a bit over 170 and stand 5'4". I need to start keeping a food journal and hold myself accountable for what goes into my mouth. I have got to start fitting in exercise into my life again. I am not happy with how big I am or how outta shape I am. I plan to do daily walks again and use that ab roller and exercise ball daily. I need to get my kids involved and let them know I need their help to motivate me to do this.
Change #3 is to clear more of the clutter from my house and enjoy the extra space and the happiness less stuff will give us. I got up this morning and started in my bedroom. I made great progress. I want to work on small areas at a time and sort through the stacks, piles and boxes I have been avoiding due to emotional ties. It is time to let it go and move on. If it is something the kids will want later on I will store it in a box at the top of my closet if not I will either sell it in my next sale, donate it to whomever wants it or toss it. I have found that clutter makes you feel stressed and I have enough of that in my life. So my reducing my clutter I will help reduce my stress too. Two good things in one!
Change #4 is to spend some time doing what I really want to do. If it is quilting or watching a movie or taking a walk or whatever. I need to do something I want to do daily to make me happy. Life shouldn't be full of just have toos - we need to throw some want toos in our lives and be happier cause of it. What will it matter if I leave the clothes unfolded and go for a walk instead. They will still be there when I get back or there the next morning for me to fold when I start my day.
Change #5 is to try and remain calm! To learn to deal with daily situations differently. Not make everything into a drama scene. To count to ten more often instead of losing my cool with my kiddos. To learn to deal with the hormones of a teenager and not raise my voice at her when she is driving me insane. To learn not to raise my voice when my little guy is having a bad morning and takes it out on me. To learn to walk away and deal with it later when I am calmer. To not let things get to me that I have no control over. To not make something outta nothing. I tend to over-analyze things. (I get it from my mother I think.) To stop looking at the worse and look for the good in every day.
sorry for the non-quilting post and enough of all this ... I am going to go sew for awhile on those sashing strips and then I am going to run some errands.
until next time ..


Maggie A said...

You go for it. Some of your goals are also mine. I've lost 5% body widght - now onto the 10% goal. And I'm working on getting the clutter out of the house......FlyLady method is a good one to practice. Keep us posted on your progress and good luck.

Babs Schmidt said...

Those are some great goals. I'm totally with you on many of them. We can do it!

Susan said...

I really like reading about your goals and how you are working to improve your life. It was an inspiration to me. I started working on decluttering about a year ago, and it has made a big difference in my life. You are sure right about the stress that clutter can create. I took one class on decluttering exactly a year ago, and what I learned really stuck with me, so I automatically use the lessons from it every day. Now it's a part of me. And I'm happier in my house and with myself than I used to be.