Wednesday, May 6, 2009

making the most of May

I am going to pull my April goals to May and see what I am accomplish this month. I am doing good with my diet - now to get to walking more and really make the weight come off. If the weather would hold off and stop raining I might get more walking in.

I have lots of little goals/projects that I need to start getting done before the hot-humid summer weather hits here. Some are quilting related some are not so bear with me.
1. Finish Mother's 30s Quilt for Mothers day (June Birthday)- this is in the block stage still, swapping out the rest of the blocks this month and hope to have it completed in time for her .. update ... rest of blocks are made and swapped out for this one; now to finalize the layout and work on a border. Plan on working on this during the upcoming weekend.
2. Finish reworking Kimberly's Black and White RR - this is in rows but will be taken apart and reworked
3. Finish String Quilt - have been swapping out blocks this past month and should have enough for a quilt for DS's bed. He hasn't gotten a scrappy quilt yet and has pointed that out to me :o) ... update ... blocks are now here waiting to be used; I think I am going to combine them with the TN blocks to make him a large quilt.
4. Pressure wash front porch and siding on house -- DONE!!!
5. Paint railings on front and back porch
6. Remove old wood from roof of porch and replace ... update ... old wood is removed and take care of; now to borrow a truck to get the new wood to the house and get it installed.
7. Redo flower bed by front stairs .. update ... my tiller is now home so I should - weather permitting - be able to start on these soon.
8. Clean out DS's closet
9. Clean out my closet
10. Sort and organize my stash for better access ... update ... purchased some storage tubs to try and work on this soon.
11. Sort and organize my patterns so I can find them more easily ... update ... pulled them all and have them stacked waiting to be put into binders with dividers that are here.
12. Thin out my scraps ... update ... I have used some this month but they seem to reproduce with each project I make though. Can't tell I have used any! Might need to have a scrap give away.
13. Cut back on my coffee intake ... update ... I am down to two cups a day. Now to increase my water intake to boost my weight loss. I haven't had a cup in over a week now. Now to keep at the water intake instead of Diet Coke. I am going to mark this one as DONE!!! and remove it from the list.
14. Lose 15 more pounds ... update ... well ... I did lose two pounds but now I have gained that back plus a few more. UGH! I hate how much I weigh and nothing in my closet fits me right anymore. Warmer weather means short sleeves too which means my fat arms are going to be showing. Got to work harder on this - this is for my health and energy level too. It's time to stop slacking and start working! Update .. I am now down 5 pounds and hope to continue to lose and lose my goal of 10% of my starting body weight. I will feel so much better and my clothes will fit again.
15. Put pool back up in back yard and get it all level this time around ;o)

I get to update the list as the month rolls along. I hope to have weekly updates with major goals finished by the end of the month. Life does tend to get in the way though so I may not.
until next time ... stick to your goals!

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