Wednesday, May 6, 2009

been just busy .. busy

life has been crazy busy - I haven't even posted my usage for this week or anything. sory I am a bit behind.
I did get the Exploding Star finished in time to give to the teacher on Friday for display for the auction on Saturday. I am not sure what it went for as we didn't stay for the auction. Too much going on. I'll get an updated picture posted soon.
We have been busy running from place to place. Saturday we went to the Spring fling for awhile and then to my parent's house and then in town errands and then we came home and crashed and watched a movie. On Sunday we had a going away party for my nephew who is going into the Army. We stayed all day at my sister's house. We are going to miss him but are proud of what he is choosing to do. He is to be 21 in November. He left yesterday to report to his boot camp.
I haven't gotten any sewing done this week but hope to play with the 30s blocks for my mother's quilt this coming weekend if I can keep people away. Is it bad when you don't want company to come over? My house is a mess and needs some TLC that I haven't had the time to give it and then I want to sew too so company that seems to pop in every weekend will ruin my plans. Maybe I can hang a sign on the front door - no company today please - lol - think it will work?
My garden is coming up nicely except my baby lima beans - may have to replant them. I hope the garden does good this year. I am running low on some veggies in my pantry. I bought a flat of strawberries that I plan on making some jam with tonight. We are down to two little jars of it in the pantry so it is time to replenish it.
just thought I'd post a quick one to let those who do check in on my blog that I am okay just busy. Hope to have some new pictures to share soon.
until next time ... happy quilting

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