Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August Goals

Thanks Babs for the reminder to post my August goals. I am a bit behind but it is okay.
I'm going to be expanding my list a bit this month. Maybe I will be able to mark some more off by the end of the month ;o)
From my July list .... some of these will never get off the list as finished but I am happy with the progress I have made so far on them.
1. Finish Mother's 30s Quilt - need to piece a backing and get this one quilted and bound.
2. Finish reworking Kimberly's Black and White RR - decided to not take them apart but do some fabulous border to tie them all together instead.
3. Finish String Quilt - blocks are here just waiting to be used; I thinking of combining them with the TN blocks to make my little man a large quilt for his bed.
4. Clean out my closet and redo my bedroom - started but not much progress yet. Need to really attack it on a weekend I don't have the kiddos. Thinking the weekend of the 15th.
5. Continue to sort and organize my stash for better access - I am making some nice progress here. Slowly but surely I am getting there - will take some updated pictures soon. Still have lots to do though.
6. Continue to sort and organize my patterns so I can find them more easily - I have started putting these into four binders and will keep at it as I find the time to do so. Gonna thin as I go.
7. Continue to thin out my scraps - I haven't thinned out any scraps but I have been organizing them. Will try and make some crumb blocks this month and some pineapple blocks too.
8. Lose 6 more pounds and more - still need to lose the 6 pounds but am at a standstill. Need to try harder and exercise more.
New goals added for August
9. Work on decluttering my house more - do small tasks as I can. If I don't love it, need it, use it or can wear it - it needs to go.
10. Finish the Bears in the Farmhouse quilt to use as a raffle quilt for my friend who was diagnose with ovarian cancer. It is quilted just needs to be bound.
11. Rework DDs room to fit in the bigger bed - we will see how this one goes
until next time ... happy quilting and take steps and work on those goals

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