Friday, August 14, 2009

Progress on Black, White, Red Rows

Finally got to do some sewing tonight. I put in an hour and a half on this tonight and got the center all together and the first border on it. Whew! Now to start on the outter borders ... lots of piecing but it will be worth it. Gonna do a few more things before bed and then start sewing on this one in the morning. Take a looksee and see what ya think so far. {sorry I laid this one out quickly so I could snap a picture. will do better on the next one ;o) }

TIRANE thanks so much for working this up for me ... click on her name and you will see what is kinda supposed to look like when it is all done and maybe if I am so lucky it will turn out this nicely.
until next time ... happy sewing!!

1 comment:

tirane93 said...

looks terrific so far!