Monday, August 31, 2009

Ongoing Goals List

Here are only the goals with updates ... not too shabby of a progress update
1. Finish Mother's 30s Quilt - need to get this one quilted and bound. Backing is here need to package up and ship to Tirane to do her magic on it shortly! Hope to complete this one by the 8th of October for their 49th Anniversary!
2. Finish reworking Kimberly's Black and White RR - top is so close to being done I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now .. seriously though ... lack three sides of what I think will be the last border. hope to complete it shortly.
3. Finish String Quilt - blocks are here just waiting to be used; I thinking of combining them with the TN blocks to make my little man a large quilt for his bed. this one is now on my September of UFOs for a challenge/game I am a part of - should be able to make some progress on it this coming month.
4. Clean out my closet and redo my bedroom - looking better with every chance I get to go through more stuff.
5. Continue to sort and organize my stash for better access - I am making some nice progress here. Slowly but surely I am getting there - will take some updated pictures soon. Went through some more fabrics and folded and organized them and they all fit into their baskets better so more fit in there. The sewing area is looking neater with every decluttering/organizing spurt I give it.
6. Continue to sort and organize my patterns so I can find them more easily - I have started putting these into four binders and will keep at it as I find the time to do so. Gonna thin as I go. -- I have been working on this on and off - almost done with this one - hope to complete it over the weekend while watching a good movie! Didn't happen - maybe this month??
7. Continue to thin out my scraps - I haven't thinned out any scraps but I have been organizing them. Will try and make some crumb blocks this month and some pineapple blocks too. crumb blocks are on my UFO list too - gonna reduce that scrap drawer yet.
8. Lose 6 more pounds and more - still need to lose the 6 pounds but am at a standstill. Need to try harder and exercise more. hmmm ... haven't weighed myself lately .. need to and then update my total loss or gain ;o(
9. Work on decluttering my house more - do small tasks as I can. If I don't love it, need it, use it or can wear it - it needs to go. This will be a never ending goal of mine. lol -- I have been doing good with this one ... have been trying to clean a small area a day and toss, sort, give away, put away and so on. The house is looking neater and less cluttered every day. Now to find a way NOT to bring more back into the house!
10. Finish the Bears in the Farmhouse quilt to use as a raffle quilt for my friend who was diagnose with ovarian cancer. It is quilted just needs to be bound. The raffle quilt has not been completed. My neighbor friend had her surgery and they are saying they think they got it all and that she will not have to have radiation or chemo but with no insurance her hospital bills will be out of this world so I hope they get lots of items donated for the benefit that is coming up.
11. Rework DDs room to fit in the bigger bed - we will see how this one goes - she has been going through her stuff and getting rid of things she feels she has outgrown and has made great progress on this, hope she continues and we can move her new bed in soon.
until next time ... happy quilting and take steps and work on those goals

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