Saturday, February 21, 2009

Feb. Quiltathon

Judy at Patchwork Times is hostessing her monthly QUILTATHON to motivate us all to work on our quilty projects.

Today is DAY 1 and I hope to have something to say I completed by the end of the weekend. I got up early and did a few things already to get my started on the right foot. Coffee is ready and waiting to help me along too.

My Quiltathon Goals are ...
1. Finish up four string blocks for a swap using the rest of these from my assembly line of pieces.
Goal 1 Completed!! Here are all 24 of the string blocks I've made.

2. Clean up the rest of the string/scraps on the table - remember the pile from the other day when I started working on the string blocks? well ... it has been sorted and cut and is now lots neater and more work-friendly. I have a decent pile of 2.5 in strings to work with on another project. I few different size squares to put in their hiding places for other scrappy projects. I have a few bigger scraps that I will need to cut down and put away too. Love the way that a cleaner sewing area helps to make your project flow more smoothly.
Goal 2 completed!!! Everything but the HSTs pile is now cut to size, put in there proper storage container and put away and where it should be. Nice and neat again. YEAH!! Wonder if this will last long.
various squares in their stacks

nice stack of 2.5 inch strings

3. Work on HSTs for the Quilt-Along using these 3 inch squares I have already cut.
Progress on Goal 3 -- HSTs are sewn - now to cut them apart and press and trim them. Then I'll be ready for the next step for this challenge.
Lookie Here ... remember the pile of 3 inch squares I started using this morning to make these 192 HSTs? Here is what's left of those squares ... I didn't make a dent in them. Good thing is there are so many there I could do another set or two of these HST, already cut and waiting. I didn't use any fabric twice. I even cut and sewed more HSTs than I needed to have a few extras to play with.
Sounds simple enough right? I hope so. I won't have all day and night to sew this time around but it will still be nice to quilt along with ya'll and share our progress.
With coffee in hand .. off I go to sew ...

Until next time ...


tirane93 said...

off to a great start scrappy! keep after it!

Leanne said...

nice to meet you - I am also a fan of scrap quilts.
This months quitlathon I am working on Christmas scrap quilt.
Will post photos on blog at afternoon tea time.

Love Leanne

MToth said...

Love your string blocks, especially your use of the light color in the center - it really brings them all together.

Shannon said...

Love your string blocks! One of these days....

Anonymous said...

Your string blocks look great! And good work on those HSTs. I haven't started mine yet, but tomorrow is Sewing Day -- yippee!! Take care, Dianne B. in England

Lori in South Dakota said...

you must be doing Judy's bear quilt too. I also chose to do scrappy. I have a lot of scrappy scraps!