Sunday, February 8, 2009

Peace of the Early Morning ..

I am so enjoying this peaceful early morning time. The kids are still asleep. DD had three friends to spend the night on Friday and two stayed another night last night. Needless to say we haven't gotten much sleep but my inner alarm clock wouldn't let me sleep past 7:30AM. I have been doing busy work in the kitchen and made myself some fresh coffee to open my eyes a bit.
Thought I'd pop in to say that early mornings are indeed a blessing in disquise. The silence is wonderful - I can hear myself typing ... lol.
I am hoping that after we come back from church I can sew on outter borders of that one pestiky quilt I need to complete that keeps getting pushed to the back burner. I haven't sewn on any quilting project this week. I need some quilt therapy.
until next time ....

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