Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sewing and Sorting and it's Snowing!!!

{Wanted to post and say that we are now getting SNOW!! Yes that white stuff that all the northern states don't want any more of. We are finally seeing some fall tonight and it's so pretty.}

Today I will be sewing and sorting!

Goals for today are ....
1. Trim those HSTs for
Judy's Quiltalong -- these are now trimmed and waiting - I'm ready for the next step Judy (lol)
2. Work on a sewing project -- I pulled some blocks from a BOB
Made up a few more blocks and added setting triangles. I am going to try and turn into a HUG quilt for my aunt. :o)
Here is what I finish today. It is not fully assembled. Some are in rows but it is not all sewn together yet and needs backing too. Just wanted to share my progress. Should finish this in the morning before church.

3. Sort through my stuff and make progress on organizing my sewing area - made some progress but have been cleaning and sorting throughout the house instead of just in my sewing area. Not sure I will show pictures but maybe. I have made some major progress on sorting and cleaning in my sewing room today. I am proud of the amount I got done and how nice it looks. No photos of this though sorry.
until next time ....

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tirane93 said...

i like that block pattern! it looks like you got quite a bit done this weekend.