Tuesday, February 3, 2009

lost in blog-land

do you ever get to looking at blogs and then look up and hours have gone by and you have gotten nothing done around the house? I do it too often to count. I have found some really great blogs though - so many new ideas and tips and some great photos to drool over. My link list just keeps getting longer ... and longer ... and longer. Careful though ... you too might get lost in blog-land by taking a gander at them. ;o)
I have been updating my blog layout today - hope you like what I am changing/adding.

until next time ....


Paula said...

I've most definitely gotten lost in Blogland. I mean you start out with a specific destination, see and interesting sign (link), take that road and before you know it, you're in another country, enjoying backroads and the scenery. Actually, getting lost is pretty fun!

tirane93 said...

oooooh! love the new background and pictures. very snappy!