Monday, December 22, 2008

BowTie quilt is done!!!

I got this in the mail today and couldn't wait to get the binding on it to show it off. Don't ya just love a scrappy quilt? Tirane did a wonderful job on the quilting as usual. (thanks a bunch!)
So I lack two quilts for Christmas gifts now. One is at Tirane's being quilted and the other one is in the works see other post for today. I am behind but they will still enjoy them.
I have had and still have strep and a head cold. I was feeling better but tonight I am all used up. I think I might have over-did-it today with the shopping, baking, cleaning and sewing but it had to be done. Now off I go to watch some TV and wait for my company to come in .. they are due in any minute. They called this morning and told me they were coming and it is a lovely surprise.
thoughts and blessings ... so thankful for feeling better this morning so I could get what I have done. So thankful for a wonderful boss who allowed me ot stay home today. So blessed to have the large wonderful family that I do who are always a welcome in my home. Christmas Day is at my house! I love having people over.
until next time ...

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Kare said...

I love what you did with the borders - it appears to float!