Saturday, December 6, 2008

Quiltathon now in progress!!!!

here we go .... this is where I will be posting and updating my progress during the quiltathon ... I'll post photos along the way too. QUILTATHON

5:27AM First cup of coffeee is in my hand and I am off ....

6:50AM half of cup of coffee later ... this one is done!!! I used up some of the extra pieces of a FQ someone sent for a Secret Santa swap -- this is the second project I made the lady. Hope she likes it. Have one more idea to finish her fabric bits.

8:30AM taking a break and got myself dressed now that the sun is finally up. Been sewing away on my BowTie quilt. Making some serious progress and hope to have this one done by lunch. Gonna go grab some breakfast and get back to my machine.

1:28PM taking a break and fixing myself some lunch. Got several more blocks made and added to the BowTie quilt. Now for the borders. Gonna check the net and get back at it.

6:39PM After several detours I am back on track and have made some more progress on my BowTie quilt. I have the first border attached and the outter borders pieced. I am going to eat some supper and get that done and work on those two blocks I owe swapper before tackling the backing.

7:55PM BowTie top is now done!!! I am so happy!!! Now to get a backing pieced so I can get this off to Tirane on Monday. (man I should've re-ironed this before I took the picture)

9:32PM the two Birthday blocks are done - one wanted purple and cream and the other Fall colors and cream (doesn't the green plaid remind you of a flannel shirt?) now onto cutting squares for that backing.

11:02PM Last post of the night - I am beat! I got the 90 - 10.5 inch squares all cut and pressed. They are waiting for me to sew them together in the morning. Amazing with all those I cut you can't tell I took anything from my stash. Wonder if it restocks itself for us? :o)

Thoughts and blessing for the day ... I am so thankful for Judy who thought up the quiltathon - very motivating idea! I am so thankful for this day of sewing and the progress I have been able to make with my UFOs, my swap blocks and the non-quilty things I did like the yardwork and the housework. I am so thankful for the nicer weather we had today - the sunshine was a welcome sight and the slightly warmer temps allowed me to work in the yard like I needed to without freezing my tail off :o)
until then ...


whimzeestitches said...

Hey Eileen -- glad to be sewing today with you on the net! Sew much fun! I'm about half way through the top of my quilt today - taking a net break now and I smell my life partner cooking up a storm of dinner in the kitchen so i'll be taking a longer break now! Oh is that the dryer buzzer I hear too!

Rick in New Orleans

Babs Schmidt said...

You are doing great! love the stash pictures :) I'll get mine posted eventually. And I LOVE my Birthday block...the green reminds me of my Dad's plaid shirts...Thanks!