Wednesday, December 10, 2008

BowTie Quilt is in the mail

today I have the blahs ... I feel bad like I am coming down with something. I can't get sick! I don't have the time to get sick. (have you seen that commerical where the lady is in the Drs office where she is told she has the flu and she looks through her date book and finally says that she doesn't have time for the flu right now - too funny)
I took some time last night and added those final small borders on the BowTie quilt and got it all packaged up to mail out to
to be quilted. I still have two more to complete plus this one by Christmas. Better find more time to sew. I swear .... next year I am only working on my UFOs, BOBs and things I want to make for myself. (does that sound greedy of me?)
The strips and strings are still sitting on my sewing table waiting to be used up. That pile seems to be taunting me as I walk past it ... saying ... aren't ya gonna sit and sew awhile?? ;o) Hope to fit in some time tonight after church to sew with those. We will see though.
I am so thankful for my job, so many are being laid off, let go or places closing altogether around here it is really sad. I am so thankful for the rain that came last night, it cleaned the air and everything is so fresh again. I am so thankful that I have the funds to buy the kids a nice Christmas this year.
until next time ....


Babs Schmidt said...

Hope you're feeling better today!

tirane93 said...

chin up girl! i can't believe how far you've come. and what a delight to know that you're providing for those kids so well on your own.

your bowties will be on their way back to you monday morning (to arrive before the week ends), so get that next one out the door. you're going to get all 7 of these done by christmas, i just know it!