Sunday, December 7, 2008

Quiltathon - Day 2

even with getting a late start on this with some Christmas shopping time thrown in ... I have made some progress today. This is day two of the QUILTATHON
I got the backing pieced for the BowTie quilt. Pl;ease ignore the strings that are still showing the the picture. I wanted to get this picture taken to share with ya'll.
I got this kitty box bedding made. Our kitty Smokey is an outside cat and he needed some new bedding for the winter. I stuff this with the trimmings I keep from cutting squares from my fabric. When I get enough I make a new one for him. It's not fancy but it's comfy for him.
I am going to play with these strips and strings and make some more string blocks to hopefully finish another UFO for a Christmas gift. I'll update when I can with how many I get done.
last photo and entry for this quiltathon ... almost time for bed and the kids are now home. Here are fifteen string blocks to add to my collection. Lots more to make to finish the UFO but at least I made some more progress on it. Can't tell I even used any of the strips and strings from the pile. Plan on leaving those out and work on them each day until I get this one done.

until next time ....

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