Monday, December 1, 2008

stash bustin 2009 challenge

I am still thinking of joining the stash bustin challenge on PATCHWORK TIMES STASH BUSTIN CHALLENGE site along with the others that have joined I want to reduce my stash and not buy unless it is necessary. I don't have a problem using from my stash as I did that this year. I won't have the major goals the other quilters will as I don't have that large of stash at least I don't think so anyways :o)

My goals would be ...
  • to REDUCE my scrap bins in half - I think I have four now
  • to USE UP those 2.5 inch strips I have cut
  • to COMPLETE half of the UFOs/ BOBs I have on hand - I think I have 10-15 that come to mind
  • to NOT buy unless it is absolutely necessary to complete a project
  • to CONTINUE to piece the backings of my quilts to use up those uglies and what was I thinking fabrics
  • to NOT print another pattern from the internet without using at least two that I have already printed. I have binders of patterns that I have not even made yet.
  • to SORT through and organize my stash so I can find what I need
  • to NOT join a swap that requires me to buy fabric
  • to ONLY join swaps that help me complete a UFO/BOB or allows me to use from my stash. {I love to swap and don't want to give that up just yet :o) }
  • to COMPLETE one UFOs/BOBs before starting a new project (kinda like a reward system)

I hope this is what they had in mind for us to post to join that challenge. If not someone let me know and I will change that pronto!

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Babs Schmidt said...

Those sound like great goals! You can do it! We can do it!