Friday, January 16, 2009

Life has been crazy lately

sorry I haven't posted anything new to my blog this past week. Life is really kinda crazy here and stressful. I am hoping that will everything that is being changed and all those helping me pray for change, then things will turn themselves around for us.
I plan on quilting this weekend. It is too cold here to do anything else. It is only 23 degrees here now and temps will be only back up to 46 for Saturday. Nice day to stay inside and sew. I have some errands I am planning on doing tonight and then I won't have to go into town tomorrow and waste any time I could be sewing.
I have a swap project I need to work on. We are swapping out blocks with a partner and then we create our partner a quilt top outta the blocks and whatever fabrics we'd like to add. I am hoping that this will stretch my creative mind's eye a bit and she will like the end result.

Just got settled down after my errands. It's is a bit after midnight. I have the fabrics pulled and in the wash for the project I am going to tackle in the morning. I have all my running around done until Sunday so I can stay home and sew and clean and do whatever I'd like to. The kids are with the dad this weekend and I need to fill in the time by staying busy. I miss them already.
until next time ....


Babs Schmidt said...

I know I'll love it because it will be coming from you!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Scrappy-Quilter said...

thanks Babs you are a dear! hope you enjoy your quilty day at English Street