Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sewing on Saturday

Today I am working on a project for a swap I am doing. I have cut all the strips and am now adding the sashing to start this project. I won't post any photos until I know Babs is okay with NOT looking at them ... lol
This is a swap we are doing as swap mates and it is going to be fun to be a bit creative and not go scrappy for once. I am thinking outside the box for this one and I hope she does like the end results.
Here is what I have done today. Babs sent me 12 blocks and I added one from my stack of blocks here. {I have alot to learn about making setting triangles and corner triangles.} I still need to do a skinny inner border and then outer border. Should be able to post a completed top tomorrow.

now to get back to sewing, I'll update this later. I need to sew so I have a reduction in my stash to report to the Stashbusting Challenge on Sunday.
Update .... Not only did I sew today I have cleaned and sorted and tossed and organize and clipped coupons and got lost in blog-land for a couple hours. It is amazing what you can find on here. Too many blogs not enough time.
until next time ....


tirane93 said...

i got to see yours today! babs was laying it out at my house. what a nice bunch of blocks. i think the top will come out great!

Crystal said...

Hey, thanks for your message. Getting your items for half the cost is really good, better than I can do! I hate to admit, but I'm not very good at the couponing thing yet. It sure would help if the Kroger here doubled them. Email me the names of the blogs you found and if I know of others, I'll send them to you. My email address is
Your quilts are beautiful. The quilt swap you posted about sounds like fun. I've done a few apron swaps and have really enjoyed them. Quilting is something I've wanted to do for a long time, but just haven't started yet. Hopefully this will be the year I learn :-)