Wednesday, January 28, 2009

still chuggin along here ...

life has been crazy busy here lately but I have found a new way to save and have dived head-first into it and full speed ahead to saving where I can to get my debt down this year. I found several blogs about clipping coupons and planning meals and such. I have been bitten by the coupon bug and I have to tell you - it was a good bite. I usually spend roughly $100-$150 every week or so on groceries and miscellaneous items like paper products, cleaners, etc. I wanted to tell you that since I started clipping coupons and watching those sales I have cut that in half or less. I so love it too. It will allow me to pay on those bills that keep looming in the background wondering when I will get them paid and if I will get them paid. This is the year I get back on my feet and get things in order. I KNOW IT IS!! I am going to do this and be the better for it.

Couponing does take a bit of time and getting used to. I have gotten so in the habit of using them this month that last night at Wally World I was going to buy kitty food but didn't bring my coupons and wouldn't allow myself to buy the kitty food since I didn't have the $3 off coupon. Now that is bad. Don't worry kitty isn't out of food and won't starve. He is huge and we do have some food for him I just don't like to run out and have him crying at the back door for us to come feed him.

on the family scene ... the kiddos are growing like weeds. Little man will need new jeans as they are turning into high waters. He has grown so much since school started in August. His shoes are tight so those need to be replaced too. DD has grown up and out - not in a bad way though. Her shirts and tops are getting shorter so those need to be gone through and replaced with a larger size. Little man has a bit of a cold but I am doctoring him up each day so maybe it won't get worse.

on the quilting scene ... I have gotten lots of organizing done in the sewing area this weekend and this week so far. I got the books, magazines all put together on their shelf and have all the loose patterns ready for sorting (maybe tomorrow night) and it looks so much better. I have a list of books that I am swapping out on a site I am a member of so I hope to reduce the number of books that I have by twelve or so soon. That is a good thing. If you are looking for a book let me know. I might just have it to swap out for fabric and scraps or strips.

until next time ...

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