Sunday, January 11, 2009

Quiltathon Sunday Edition

Day two of Judy's QUILTATHON is off to a good start.
Just after 8:30AM here ... I am working on my second cup of Vanilla Coffee ready as I sit here and post my update. I have already added two rows to the top and have all those HSTs waiting to be sew together and add as rows. I'll post an updated photo later on today.
9:40AM Another two rows have been added and pressed nice and neat into place. I am going to take a break from the quiltathon and will be back after church with my updates. Hope to get the top all done today but we will see. I don't have enough HSTs made up as of yet to do another row to any side of the top so I will work on more HSTs when I get back at it.
3:20ish here ... made up another 56 HSTs, got them sewn, pressed and trimmed. Taking a short break to post my update and stretch a bit. Those HSTs should be all I need to complete the center of the quilt, then it's onto the borders.
almost 10PM here ... here is what the top looks like now. I am done for the weekend. I added the last rows around the top a bit ago. Between company, the kiddos and all the phone calls I didn't get done what I wanted to but I am glad to have made some progress on this UFO. This ends my quiltathon updates. Nite ya'll!

Good luck to all those participating ... with accomplishing your goals. Anything we get done is better than nothing remember that. Some have may more time and work a bit faster than I do but I am enjoying my sewing time and that is what counts. I chose to work on a UFO instead of starting another project so I will be happy with whatever I can add to it to make it closer to being done.
until next time ...


Babs Schmidt said...

Looks great!

tirane93 said...

very nice! what kind of borders are you going to put on this one?

Scrappy-Quilter said...

thanks ladies! I have to think on the borders for this one. I have a project I plan on working on this weekend and IF I get it completed. I am going to pull this one back out and do the borders.