Saturday, January 31, 2009

Quilting Bee today ...

on a quilting site I am a member of we are doing a virtual quilting bee today to help motivate us to get those UFOs worked on. I will be posting my updates throughout the day. I hope to complete this project SCRAPPY HSTs it just needs outter borders. I also would like to piece the backing so I can send it to be quilted next week.

It's almost 8AM and ... off I go to sew ... sew ... sew ... (if you want to join in you can. no admission fee or anything. just blog about your progress and let me know what you are able to get done. you can be a part of the quilting bee too.)
9AM Update ... I decided to add another round of HSTs to the center before adding the borders. It only measured 60x60 now. I need it to be a full/queen size when it is finished. I have gotten 74 HSTs sewn and pressed. Now to get them trimmed. I have to do some other stuff before I get back to sewing to move around a bit. My back bothers me if I sit too long now. Guess I am getting old ... (from this .... to ....)

11:30 Update .. HSTs are all trimmed and I have one row of HSTs pinned in pairs to start sewing after I get a bite to eat. Slowly but surely I am getting. I keep getting distracted by housework. blah! (this nice pile of trimmed HSTs)

3PM Update ... Added another row all the way around the top. Have the fabric pulled for the outter borders and will start on that after I get offa here. I haven't been just sewing today but am happy with the progress I have been able to make so far today both sewing and otherwise.
4:30PM update ... cut the inner border fabric and have two sides attached. Have to run some errands. I might be able to get more done later on though
11PM update ... finally update I might add ... inner borders are on. top is now about 74x72 and will work on outter borders in the morning. I am happy with my progress for the day. Doesn't look much different but it is larger and has one border added. Sorry this isn't the best picture I am tired and laid it out quickly to get an updated photo before I head to bed.

until next time ...


Babs Schmidt said...

Looks great- you are definitely the Queen of Scrappy! You are really getting things done!

Scrappy-Quilter said...

thank you - I'm not the Queen - I believe Bonnie Hunter takes the cake for that title. I am trying to get these UFOs done.