Thursday, January 1, 2009

Stashbustin Challenge 2009

here we go ... just to update with some pictures of my sewing area after I cut, sorted and cleaned up yesterday. I still need to go through the stuff on the top of the smaller cabinet. That is mostly patterns and such. I have two binders to organize those but that will be another day.

Picture #1 -- my cutting table before the big clean up. It is all sorted, cut and put away now. Nothing is on my table but two small baskets of projects I want to work on over the next couple of days while I am off work; my sewing mat, the scrap catcher and my machine.

Picture #2 - look how much neater the area is. I bought the rolling cart the other day at Fred's and it got me motivated to clean up my sewing area.

Picture #3 -- same area - maybe a better view?? See the pile on the smaller cabinet I was talking about - that will be my next declutter task. That will take awhile to sort and punch and put into binders.

Picture #4 -- the cabinet opened and a view of the UFOs/BOBS on the top of the cabinet and on the top shelf of the cabinet.

Picture #5 -- my sewing area from a different view. See those tubs - one has 30s prints in it, one has scraps to be cut into squares, the small tub has strips for more string blocks and the basket is full of various parts, pieces and scraps of fabric.

onward I go ... tackling the 2009 Stash Bustin Challenge from Judy's site.
Goals would be as I posted before but I'll bring them forward to the first post of the year for this Challenge. So ... let's start using it up quilters!
until next time ...


Babs Schmidt said...

Great pics. I'm back to my normal work schedule this week and promise to get mine posted.

Scrappy-Quilter said...

thanks Babs! I have a smallish stash compared to some but I am not complaining. I use what I have.