Monday, September 7, 2009

beautiful morning

just wanted to share some picture of the view about my place here ... it's a beautiful morning
you can't see it in the picture but the sunlight is filtering through the trees and it's just so pretty. I love cooler weather and the changing scenery.

this rose is growing beneath my kitchen window and since it's grow so tall this year I can enjoy the fragrance when I get to open the window like I have them this morning

This is the view from my drive - it's so peaceful here. At night you can here the crickets, frogs and catfish in the pond.


tirane93 said...

scrappy that's such a wonderful setting! the river view is just amazing. i bet you find it inspirational.

Loves To Quilt said...

I love the views you have from your home. It would seem like Heaven to sit out in the mornings and evenings with coffee in hand and just listen to the sounds of nature. You live in a lovely place.Thanks for sharing.