Saturday, September 26, 2009

a day to sew and clean

It's raining yet again!!! We have had rain EVERY day for over two weeks now and trust me it is getting old. I so need to see some sunshine. This has been very depressing I can tell ya.
Today I am going to be sewing and cleaning. Anyone need to have a sewing buddy help them stay motivated today? How about a cleaning partner to help you strive to get that area done today? let me know if so and I'll be sure to check out your blog.
6:45 AM (granted I went to bed at midnight or so ...) I am up and coffee is brewing and I'm ready to start. Today I need to start with working on my number 3 UFO, the split red nine patches. I will put some time in on those and then clean on the bar and I'll check back after I do so. Get ready ... get set ... let's get something done today!!
9:50AM I got a bit sidetracked but made some progress just the same. I got the bar cleaned off, did two loads of clothes, dug a ditch to keep part of the water from creating a pond under my house, got the HSTs for the split nine patches all neat and trimmed, the rest of the fabric squares I need to make those 16 blocks are pulled and waiting, I finished another crumb block and put pieces on the others partial blocks I have started. Changed threads and I'm ready to get back to those split nine patches. Now to pick another cleaning spot ... how about the computer desk, that should be an easy one. I'll check back in a bit.
2:40PM THE SUN IS FINALLY OUT!!!! I haven't been good at updating huh? I got busy cleaning and such and didn't take the time to come post. I have gotten the squares all cut for the split nine patches, I put away all the rest of the reds I had pulled to clean up my sewing table. Put all the extra squares, strips and scraps away too.
I also did a little home decorating and organizing. I got this great cabinet from my sister and now it hold my fabric instead of one of those flimsy three drawer organizer thingy. No my room is not totally clean and organized but I am making progress.

I also put this puzzle up today and the shelf too. I so need to paint the breakfast room. Don't ya just love the floral walls? NOT!
Since I haven't posted an updated picture of the TN Strings quilt and finally it is not raining outside I took a picture of the top. I hope to piece the backing this weekend. ;o)


tirane93 said...

you go girl!

i've got more coffee to drink, then i have to hit the woodshop and work on my son's faux sword (for an anime convention) and then i have to work on a lovely 30s sampler quilt for a customer! so i'll be around the blog once in a while, too.

tirane93 said...

you're getting way more done than i am and it all looks great!

Dragonfly Stitches said...

I would love to come be your buddy. You know your number one, well I will go in order so I don't have to back track, but you are number one on my list of quilt friends to visit.

Michele's Quilting Journey said...

Love your little stash cupboard! How different it looks with the doors closed ;) The strings quilt is absolutely wonderful!!!