Tuesday, September 22, 2009

UFO Challenge/Contest Week 3 Progress

As I posted about earlier - we are doing a UFO Challenge/Contest for September and I am working away on three different UFOs this month. Depending on the number that is chosen I get to work on a different one each day.

UFO List for September's Challenge/Contest
1. crumb blocks -- began with 35 total blocks (6inch blocks and 6.5 inch blocks mixed)
2. string blocks - began with 16 string blocks blocks and 16 TN blocks- this one will be called TN Strings (combined TN blocks and my String blocks together.)
3. red split nine patch blocks - began with 24 blocks

Day 15 --- chose wild card (I am choosing to work on number 3) got those pieced blocks pressed and tried a couple different layouts. Made my layout choice and now need to make another 16 blocks
Day 16 -- chose UFO #2 - I was able to sew the borders on my TN Strings top
Day 17 -- chose wild card (I am choosing to work on my number 3) cut and sewed enough HSTs to make the last 16 blocks
Day 18 --- chose UFO #1 - chain pieced several block parts
Day 19 -- chose wild card - no progress on any UFO on the list today - worked on double nine patch blocks instead
Day 20 -- chose UFO #2 - I washed, pressed and laid out the backing for this one only to find it was not large enough to do what I need it to do so I will have to piece the backing :o(
Day 21 -- chose wild card - I didn't work on a UFO today - I started and almost finished a baby quilt for my neice.
Not too bad for another week of progress. Any progress is better than none right? I am so hoping to complete at least one of these by the end of the challenge. I won't have pictures to share for this one but might sneak some in next week.
until next time ... happy quilting

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