Monday, September 7, 2009

UFO Challenge/ Contest Week 1 Progress

UFO List for September's Challenge/Contest
1. crumb blocks -- began with 35 mixed 6inch blocks and 6.5 inch blocks
2. string blocks - began with 16 blocks - this one will be called TN Strings (combined TN blocks and my String blocks together.)
3. red split nine patch blocks - began with 24 blocks

Weekly progress at a glance with some pictures ....

Day 1 -- chose UFO number 3 ... made enough HSTs to make 13 more blocks
Day 2 -- chose UFO number 1 ... made two more crumb blocks and several partial blocks to start off the next round of chain piecing
Day 3 -- chose wild card so I chose UFO number 3 ... cut enough red squares out to make lots more blocks
Day 4 -- chose UFO number 1 ... no update ... didn't work on it ;o(
Day 5
-- chose wild card ... chose to work on UFO number 2 ... pieced the center of the top
Day 6 -- chose UFO number 2 ... I added a thin sashing around the center, joined the blocks I had to go around three sides of the top. Need to make four more blocks to complete that last side. I'm liking the way this is coming together.
Day 7 -- chose UFO number 1 - worked on adding sashing to the blocks I have made so far. Found out I have some blocks that are 6 inches and some that are 6 1/2 inches. I need to pull out the larger blocks to do something else with 'em
until next time ... happy quilting


Loves To Quilt said...

your quilts are awesome!!!! I really like the bottom one the way you have it laid out.Keep going friend you will have them finished before Oct.



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