Monday, September 14, 2009

UFO Challenge/Contest Week 2 Progress

As I posted about earlier - we are doing a UFO Challenge/Contest for September and I am working away on three different UFOs this month. Depending on the number that is chosen I get to work on a different one each day. It's been fun so far!
UFO List for September's Challenge/Contest
1. crumb blocks -- began with 35 total blocks (6inch blocks and 6.5 inch blocks mixed)
2. string blocks - began with 16 string blocks blocks and 16 TN blocks- this one will be called TN Strings (combined TN blocks and my String blocks together.)
3. red split nine patch blocks - began with 24 blocks
Here's my weekly progress at a quick glance with some pictures thrown in ....

Day 8 -- chose UFO number 1 ... got the sashing put between all the blocks I have made, made one more block and started chain piecing several more. Decided to put the larger (6.5 inch blocks) in a baggie to use for another project.
Day 9 -- chose UFO number 1 ... made 3 completed blocks, added sashing to them and started several more blocks by chain piecing .. my scrap bin doesn't seem to be getting any lower though. Now have 31 of the 6 inch blocks sewn and sashed.
Day 10 -- chose wild card and I chose to work on UFO number 2 ... made the last four string blocks for this top, sewed them into a row and pinned them into place on the bottom of the quilt top.
Day 11-- chose wild card ... I chose to work on UFO number 2 again today - got the row attached and all the extra strings picked up and put away. Now to find a outter border and get to working on piecing the backing for this one. This top now measures 74 inches square.
Day 12 -- chose UFO number 3 ... have twelve split nine blocks sewn into sections now to press and piece those blocks
Day 13 -- chose UFO number 1 ... didn't get to work on this at all today but that's okay.
Day 14 -- chose UFO number 2 ... pressed and cut the final border fabric, cut into strips, sewed the strips together until next time ... happy quilting


Loves To Quilt said...

I love the way you set your TN String blocks. I can't wait to see the finished it finished. Would you mind if I used your idea in one of my unfinished string blocks? Sharon

tirane93 said...

...and your red and white split nine patch blocks are going to make a spectacular top as well! how are you going to lay those out?

Scrappy-Quilter said...

sure Sharon - go for it! glad you like it

Tirane ... it's a surprise! I'll show a picture when the top is together or really close to being done