Sunday, September 27, 2009

Show us your Stash

Judy is doing a good thing for us again. We are going to be posting photos of our stashes now, oneat the end of the year and one again at the end of 2010 to help us try and get more organized and use more of our stashes in 2010. Check out the details here Patchworks Times
I have been slowly working on organizing my stash and have been using from it pretty much for over two years. I haven't bought much that didn't leave as soon as it got here. So that being said ... I don't have a true sewing room so my stash is located in various places throughout the house. I won't bore you with every bin or tub. Here are some pictures to share with you my messy stash. Not as impressive as some but does me well.
Here are the storage cabinets filled with my fabric stash, UFOs/BOBs are on top of the one cabinet, I have baskets and bins of scraps (yes I am a scrap-o-holic and admit it). I hope to continue to use from my stash and reduce it again next year. I hope to reduce my scrap bins by dare I say ... half?
until next time ... happy quilting


Kare said...

I like the cupboards with doors, although I am afraid that if I had those, it would be far more messy than yours!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I enjoyed seeing your pictures. I'm trying not to buy more fabric and using what I have - my problem is more with patterns...I just can't seem to resist! blessings, marlene