Friday, September 4, 2009

Judy's at it again

JUDY is at it again ... making us stay on our toes and work on those goals from January. Ain't she just great!

here's my list from January ... let's see how I've been doing so far and what I need to work harder on ...
My goals for this challenge will be ...
to REDUCE my scrap bins in half - I think I have four now -- have been cutting and sliming these down but no where near half 'cause they keep multipling like rabbits in there!
to USE UP those 2.5 inch strips I have cut - two oversized shoe boxes located up on the top on that cabinet I posted a photo of before - I believe they are like rabbits and mulitiply quickly! haven't even touched these yet - shame on me!

to COMPLETE half of the UFOs/ BOBs I have on hand - I think I have 10-15 that come to mind - nope I found more and I am afraid more are lurking in the cabinets. let's see I have completed 3 UFOs from the list ... still have lots to do but working on three this month at least for a contest/challenge I am a part of and hope to complete all three if not more.
to NOT buy unless it is absolutely necessary to complete a project - I have been really good on this one - have only bought 6yds of Kona White the whole entire year
to CONTINUE to piece the backings of my quilts to use up those uglies and what was I thinking fabrics -- I have been good on this one too and have pieced the backing on two of the one's I've completed so far this year. The third completion was just a top - I am sending it back to the owner for her to finish it off completely. I plan on using the pieced backings for all my scrappy quilts that I can.
to NOT print another pattern from the internet without using at least two that I have already printed. I have binders of patterns that I have not even made yet. Also have a stack of patterns that need to be put into binders. Those were shown in a photo I posted earlier too. I've been working on organizing these patterns putting them into binders and tossing the duplicates I find along the way and thinning these down a bit more too.
to SORT through and organize my stash so I can find what I need - getting there - see my newly cleaned up sewing area photos. still working on this - organizing as I go thru and swapping out fabrics I find but will not use. Need to show an updated photo soon.
to NOT join a swap that requires me to buy fabric failed at this one .. had to buy the Kona for a 30s block swap I am doing
to ONLY join swaps that help me complete a UFO/BOB or allows me to use from my stash. {I love to swap and don't want to give that up just yet :o) } not done too bad I have only joined one swap so far that has not been to complete a UFO
to COMPLETE one UFOs/BOBs before starting a new project (kinda like a reward system)
completing three so far this year and starting only two I have done better than expected.

now ... for the rest of this year I am going to continue to work on these goals and my other goals I post along the way too. thanks Judy for the reminder. need to start posting my stashbusting updates again too.

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Brenda said...

You, as far as I can see, have been doing great at your list!!! And, I should, ahem, try the "to NOT print another pattern from the internet without using at least two that I have already printed."

ah, good one!! I don't know if I can do this, but it's a great one to try to do....

this year, I have tried to organize my patterns and pages and just all the stuff I collect - and it's been a good thing. One thing I did do, is I have a read binder of the things I have to do first, things I choose to work on at the beginning of the year. And it's worked. I have done alot of those projects!! (ingore that I did some that were not in the project binder!!) And this has seemed to help keep my on track. Out of sight, out of mind, and that gets me into trouble. With this binder - with my UFO list right in the front, and the things I want to do in 2009 right behind it, with all the plans/projects behind that - that has helped me to stick with my Judy L. stash busting plan.

I enjoyed this post!!! Thanks for giving me some great ideas and for letting me in on your project goals!!!