Tuesday, September 22, 2009

cluttered caos

As I was looking around my sewing area I realized something. My area could be considered cluttered caos to someone who didn't have the quilting bug. I have stacks of shoe boxes on top of both my cabinets of UFOs and BOBs, I have bins, baskets and tubs of fabrics and scraps scattered here and there. I have patterns either printed out from the web or bought ones just laying here and there on top of one cabinet in a stack on the floor and then on my sewing table. It just seems that my sewing area is about ready to burst with unfinished projects and fabrics. I am going to vow to work more on UFOs and BOBs from here out and to use soley from my stash and swap out fabrics when I am need of a certain color or prints. I feel so guilty as I look around at how much stuff my sewing area holds and some of it is unused and unfinished.
About my closet ... well I've been meaning to clean it out and something always comes up and I've been putting it off. Guess what happened?? I come in from work and find the rod holder thingy has BROKEN!! Now that means I have too many clothes on the rod. Funny though it seems I always wind up wearing the same clothes every week. With the rod holder thingy broken I have to remove all the clothes from the rod lying on the floor. What a heavy bunch of clothes it is. I am working on it steadily and finding lots to put into the next yard sale pile. Why was I keeping things that I know I will never wear? Not my size? Not my style? Not my color? I have gone through half of them so far and plan on slowly getting through the rest of them. My closet is getting organized and I will only have the clothes in there that I will actually wear when it's all done. So the rod holder thingy breaking is a POSITIVE thing!
I've been slowly doing some decluttering and cleaning a bit at a time, a small area at a time and finding it easier to keep the house clean by doing so. I look around at all we have and am amazed. Why do we have so much STUFF?!? going to continue to work on sorting, tossing, and selling things from around the house that we don't use or need. Next on the list are the old computers sashed behind the TV stand out of sight but collecting dust. Computer resale shoppe here they come!
until next time ... continue working on those goals .. take small steps of progress every chance you can

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